Monday Strike Begins at İZBAN

Monday strikes on Monday
Monday strikes on Monday

Izmir's suburban suburban system İZBAN Izmir Suburban System Inc., the workers last offered a raise to 19.43. The vote was held in IZBAN, where the 342 worker worked. 320 rejected the employer's offer. 10: 05 starts strike in İZBAN in 00.

Railway Workers Union Izmir Branch, Izmir Suburb System (IZBAN) percent of 19,43 to accept the offer of a promotion announced that they will go on strike. Hüseyin Ervüz, the Head of the İzmir Branch of Demiryol-İş, told the union's members that they voted in the union room in Alsancak Station to ask their decisions after the proposal of the government was given to them last night by the İZBAN administration. The announced strike was finalized so that the 10 would begin December Monday.

10 stated that they had decided to strike in 05 on Monday, December 15, because they could not agree on the collective bargaining agreement with the management of Izmir Suburban System. Our employer has offered the 00 average raise, including social benefits and bonuses. We request our employer to raise bonuses from 28 to 19,43. The 85 joined 112 from the 7 İZBAN employee and the 18.30 employee rejected the vote. With this result, we declare on Monday that we will not run the trains sadly if there is no new development.

Ervüz pointed out that thousands of İzmirites would be the victims because they went to strike, 'IZBAN has a daily number of 269 flights, 300 has nearly a thousand passengers. Unfortunately, our citizens in Izmir will be deprived of this service. Citizens may be angry with us, but we would like to say to our citizens of Izmir; We have no other weapons to fight our rights. For this reason, we want them to forgive us. Bu

Ervüz stressed that the table set up was a strike and that no trains would work. Sayıl When we split the number of passengers per day according to the number of flights, one thousand 3 passengers are falling each time. We take a group of four people with IZBAN with a set of four, to transport a thousand people need at least 20 bus. Considering the daily 300 bin, nearly a thousand vehicles need to go to the highway. This, on the one hand, will cause contamination of traffic pollution on the one hand. Bu

Ervüz, who used the game, said that the employees of İZBAN were looking for their rights and their struggles would continue.

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