Millionaire Capitalist's Choice Ankara Metro 21 Age

Millions of capital cities prefer the ankara metro 21
Millions of capital cities prefer the ankara metro 21

Carrying millions of passengers every year, Ankara Metro has left behind the year 21 in transportation with the developing metro lines.

Hundreds of voyages during the day, thousands of passengers carried. They can reach their destination without getting caught in traffic. Metro is an indispensable opportunity for those who want to travel fast.

The Metropolitan Line system, which came into service in London in 1863 and operates with steam power, is the first place in the world where trains are used in urban public transportation.


Public transportation is among the indispensable people, especially in big cities. Underground transportation is the most preferred of public transportation in the city. Turkey's first subway system in the tunnel which connects with the Galata, Beyoğlu. Opened in 1875, this system is also the third underground metro in the world.

xnumx'l year started work on Turkey's first fully automated metro system in Ankara Metro, began service in December 1960 28.

5 is the first subway line of Kızılay-Batıkent which was opened in 21 years ago. This line was followed by Batıkent-Törekent / Sincan, Çayyolu-Kızılay and Keçiören-Atatürk Cultural Center. Yenimahalle-Şentepe Ropeway System has joined 2014 between rail systems.


21 in transportation with developing metro lines. The length of the railways of the Ankara Metro which reached the year of 59 kilometers.

Every day thousands of people preferred to reach the desired location in the metro, 2017 96 more than million passengers carried. This figure is almost 2 solid of the population of Spain. Also the number of times the same year 192 bin 28.

Ankara Metro is composed of 43 stations and there is an 78 set train within the facility. In the commercial service operation, 2 train consisting of 6 set train is generally provided.


In Ankara Metro, security is provided with various equipment and design features covering the entire system. Through telecommunications facilities, there is a comprehensive network that monitors and monitors all aspects of the system.

Thanks to the closed-circuit television system (CCTV), it is possible to monitor all station platforms, escalators and fare collection areas.

In case of an emergency, announcements can be made from the stations or from the Business Center via the Public Address system. In addition to this, it is monitored and controlled continuously by the Balanced Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), the lines, transformer centers, Operation and Maintenance Center facilities and the equipment in the passenger stations (smoke detectors, intrusion door alarms).

The security guards are responsible for securing the stations. These officers, together with the station staff, supervise all aspects of the station operation and direct all activities in emergency situations, including the evacuation of trains and stations. All stations have emergency exit doors for evacuation. (Source: TRT Haber)

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