Kocaeli-Istanbul Public Transportation Problem Should Be Resolved Urgently

Kocaeli Istanbul mass transportation problem urgently
Kocaeli Istanbul mass transportation problem urgently

Thousands of people travel from Kocaeli to Istanbul every day for various reasons. This travel is provided by a private vehicle, with the intercity bus, by the transportation of the Kocaeli Büyükşehir (Transportation) 200 lines and by the 200 even more expensive.

The population of Kocaeli is 2017 according to 1. 883.270 can think of about 2 million. Industry and trade in Kocaeli, mobility of education, labor force of qualified / non-skilled working age, pensioner / young pensioner who travels free of charge, over age, city life facilities, living conditions, quality of life, works related to Istanbul . When you think about many elements, every day between Kocaeli and Istanbul, thousands of people go to Istanbul every day.

Only the number of passengers on the 200 line in the Kocaeli-Kartal subway (80km) is five thousand per day. 6-7 at the weekend found to have found a thousand. More than a thousand people a month 150 goes to Istanbul. I just think this figure is enough to even strengthen rail transport.

Everyone may not be a private vehicle, but for various reasons, they may not want to go to Istanbul with a special vehicle (cost, traffic, using the convenience of public transportation in Istanbul, route difference etc.). The costs of intercity bus companies are high and the transportation costs are not suitable for every budget, so they are not preferred by everyone.

The rest of the public transport. The 5.000 person, who does not prefer private and intercity bus, travels to Istanbul with the 200 lines of Ulaşımpark. Transportation Park's meticulous management increases the number of voyages taking into consideration the recommendations, doing its job carefully, but the number of passengers. The situation now exceeds the capacity of the line 200. The passenger density, which was used in certain hours and days in the past, is now experienced every hour of the day.

That's the real problem. Until this time Transport Park did the investment it could make on the subject. With the increase in the number of passengers, new and passenger-friendly solutions are needed.

In the past, suburban trains between Izmit and Istanbul were a good method of transportation. Train transportation is a very necessary and urgent need besides the existing transportation vehicles today. If the suburban train comes, will the number of customers of the line 200 and the customers of the intercity bus companies decrease? Yes, it reduces it a little, but it also reduces the troubles these companies experience due to density and they can work more profitably. The density of passengers in transportation vehicles brings many problems with it. These are also ignored issues.

Another dimension of the work is that despite the well-intentioned efforts in public transport, people cannot travel in a way worthy of Kocaeli. The 200 line of Izmit Istanbul / Kartal travel lasts at least 1.5 hours. If the traffic is intense 2 hours and more are also possible and people are going to stand.

To understand this situation you need to wait for the 45 minute -1 hour standing row to come sitting, to be one of hundreds of passengers waiting at the stop, you need to travel. The vehicles are so full that you can't even travel without waiting in line for 45 minutes. The journey from Kocaeli to Istanbul should not be so troublesome, difficult, tiring.

Kocaeli from Istanbul to reach by public transportation during this period, the industry developed in Turkey, Turkey's qualified human resources in a city with so much harder. It's even harder than I told you. The authorities that need to bring solutions to the issue must live this experience as a citizen.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu said the phone will endeavor to work until the expiry of the term. It is also necessary that the Izniks who are suffering from this issue demand the issue from TCDD and the Ministry of Transportation, they should be insistent and followers.

You're going to say that city managers don't know the subject? They probably know it but need to request it again. Here, we repeat our request, the Ministry of Transport, TCDD General Directorate, city administrators, Kocaeli MPs in short, we will consider our demand by all interested parties of the issue and we expect that the results will be evaluated and evaluated.

Public transportation between Kocaeli and Istanbul should be done in accordance with people and Kocaeli. The problem should be seen closely, the subject should be examined by the concerned, all the relevant actors in this issue experienced by the Iishis can solve together with good will and humanistic approach. I invite everyone to fully understand this issue and make more efforts to solve it. The resources of our country are sufficient to solve the problem. The country's industrial burden and all the negativity of a city that live in the city of 80-100 miles away from the city should not reach such distress.

The point is that Turkey and we want to travel in conditions worthy of our human and easily accessible from anywhere in the world during a period Kocaeli- Istanbul. Notified to the concerned. (the ozgurkocael)

Lecturer See. Tümay MERCAN Kocaeli University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity / Management Consultant
I tumaymercan@hotmail.co
Twitter: Tümay Mercan @ Tumaymercan
Facebook: Tümay Merca

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