Is İZBAN Strike Breaking?

Is izban striking
Is izban striking

It was claimed that he was a 'strike breaker' by continuing his flights between Çiğli-Airport and seven retired machinists working under İZBAN management. IZBAN Management stated in its statement: “İZBAN organizes flights during peak hours in order to reduce the victimization caused by the strike. The flights, which start as a limited capacity every 24 minutes between Çiğli and Adnan Menderes Airport, which are the regions with the highest number of passengers, are realized with machinists outside the scope of the strike. The flights are between 06:30 and 11:00, 16:00 and 22:00. ” gave expressions.

Izmir's urban suburban system İZBAN yesterday morning began to strike the 342 workers. İZBAN management of seven retired workers working in the airport between Çiğli and the airport continued to serve as a 'strike breaker' was claimed.

In Izmir, where the life on the tracks stopped, İZBAN's management resorted to AN strike-breaking tanımlan as a crime in the law. İZBAN employer, seven non-union members who received the highest fees and the Çiğli-Airport between the trainers 24 realized a train every minute.

Ahmet Güler, representative of İZBAN, stated that this initiative of İZBAN was a striking breakdown and said, rev We use our right to strike, which is our constitutional right, and our power from production. İZBAN, last night to create a negative perception about us in the public before the number of inflated and dressed numbers 65 raise their lie said. This morning he struck his strikes. Strike break is a crime. İZBAN commits this crime ”.

The İZBAN management announced the saatler strike-breaking dur with the announcement: “İZBAN organizes expeditions in order to reduce the grievance caused by the strike. Between the regions with the highest number of passengers, Çiğli and Adnan Menderes Airport, the 24 voyages started as a limited capacity in minutes, are carried out by the mechanics outside the scope of the strike. Flights 06: 30 and 11: 00 are made between 16: 00 and 22: 00. Se

Hüseyin Eryüz, the Head of the Izmir Branch of the Railway Company, made a press statement in front of the Alsancak station.

Eryüz stated that the management of İZBAN did not even offer a hike to protect the worker from inflation and stated that: Izban worker 1 has not been charged since January 2018. The last 1 annual inflation was 21.62, while the 11 month-on-month inflation was 20.80 for January. Approximately 21 and 2018 offer the cumulative hike proposition offered by our employer until the end of December; In order for the proposed hike to protect our wages only against inflation, the seven-month inflation today must be 20.80 per thousand. We do not think that there will be anyone who believes that the 7-month-old inflation will be 2.

Apart from that, as you all know, the minimum wage hike in our country is the least inflation rate is spoken.

We would like to be informed by all the public that we will not be willing to work with wages of 30 TL UM 35 TL which will not be enough to feed our members even if the inflation expectations of the leading economic experts of our country exceeds 1.850 and the credit interest is based on 2.500. We cannot accept this offer. Our union will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect and improve the rights of its members, as it has done until now.

We want everyone to be aware of the fact that during the strike, which is our legal right to receive a wage, our friends will not be paid, the strike is in a sense unemployment and we are forced to strike by our employer who offers no wages under the hunger limit. We are not a union that likes to strike as the Railroad Work Union. We had to strike three times despite the many difficulties we experienced in our history close to the 70 year. The employees of İZBAN are striking to pay their wages. No one can afford to live without unemployment, without wage.

In this context, we have started to implement the strike decision, which we have taken in accordance with our legal and social responsibilities, as of today.

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