Today in History: December 10, 1923 Turkey's National Railways Company ...

Anatolian Railways
Anatolian Railways

Today in History
December 10 1923 Turkey's National Railways Company representative Hügn which was agreed on the text of an agreement Nafie Chairman Muhtar Bey Anatolian Railways in Ankara. The agreement was approved by the government and the Nafia Council. It was emphasized that Muvazene-i Maliye council should not be opposed to the bill and should not fall into the hands of the British capital of the Anatolian Railways.
10 December 1924 The foundation of the Ankara-Yahşihan Line, which was the beginning of the road that will connect Ankara to the east, was laid by President Mustafa Kemal Pasha.
10 December 1928 An agreement was signed between the government and the company to ensure the acquisition of Anatolian Railways.

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