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I may have changed the flas development machine in the accident
I may have changed the flas development machine in the accident

9 on the rail line where the signaling system is absent, striking expressions about the train crash, where the person lost his life and 86 was injured.

Osman Y., who was in charge of changing the scissors that were taken into custody after high-speed train (YHT) moving from Ankara to Konya in the direction of the train, collided with the police officer. Considering the statements of detainees, there are important clues about the cause of the accident. Win, 1. even the YHT, which has to go, the 2 from which the guide train arrives due to the fact that the scissors are not changed. it was even directed and that was because of the collision.

According to the information obtained from the sources of the Security Directorate of Hürriyet Fevzi Kızılkoyun, Osman Y., who was charged with changing the scissors, came to Ankara on a temporary duty a month ago. Osman Y. said: makas I took a train to the station and changed it on the second line. When YHT moves, the shears change again and it's 1. I should have taken it. I may have forgotten to change scissors, I think I forgot. YHT 1. even for forgetting to change the scissors when I should have 2. even continued. I noticed the accident did not change the scissors. K

Emin EE, a suspected police officer, and Sinan Y., a member of the movement, said that they had not done anything wrong with their statements. 45 persons, including passengers, were called to the security and their information was consulted.

Records of radio-phone calls between the command center and the machine operators were also confiscated. In the recordings, the last conversation between the control center and the machines will be deciphered.

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