Work Will Accelerate in Gaziray Project

Gaziray project to be accelerated
Gaziray project to be accelerated

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Gaziray project signed with the protocol signed with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality stating they do, in order to finish the project immediately gave the authorities said.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who came to Gaziantep to make a series of contacts, discussed the transportation infrastructure investments carried out in the city during the coordination meeting and learned the last point reached in the works. Moreover, Minister Turhan, who visited the Gaziray road route, traveled to the construction site in the Organized Industrial Zone. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin informed the minister about the works.

Gaziantep to visit the work carried out in order to see the Minister Minister Turhan, Gaziantep Governor's Office held at the meeting of Mayor Fatma Sahin received information about the work of district mayors, deputies and businessmen passed.


Gaziantep, Turkey's fastest was one of the aspiring cities that transfers the Minister Turhan, said: "Gaziantep, with information on experience gained from history, culture with industry and trade have a city develops very fast. Import and export is one of the most important cities of our country. 7 billion dollars with exports approaching xnumx'nc in Turkey is in order. Exports to the world's 6 country. Gaziantep has an important role not only in our southern neighbors, but also in intercontinental trade. The infrastructure needs of such a fast-growing city are developing rapidly. In this sense, Gaziantep is working on the improvement of some of the intersections on highway, highway and D-180 highway in order to develop the existing road transportation infrastructure; In order to meet the new needs of this growing and developing city, it was believed that new intersections should be made and these were completed and put into service as soon as possible.


We have given instructions to our General Directorate of State Railways to complete the Gaziray project, which was started to bring the part of the city within the scope of railway transportation into harmony with the rapid rail transportation. We are doing this project jointly with the protocol we signed with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The issue of railways is a subject that has been a painful memory of our country since the past. When the AK Party governments came to power, the railroad issue was turned into a state policy. We have improved the entire railway line in order to provide a safe and comfortable service for the existing railway lines. We are developing our electrocution and signaling systems to make these lines more secure and more economical. We have completed 45 per cent across the country. We continue to work in this region. Our power, which introduces our country to high-speed train, will not only leave it with Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Sivas works, and we continue our work in Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep route. Our existing conventional line provides transportation to Gaziantep from 5 hours in 10 minutes, and a citizen from Gaziantep on the Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep axis where we have started construction works will have a comfortable and safe transportation between Gaziantep and Adana at 1,5 hour. Mevcut .


The construction of the Gaziray Suburban Line project was started on 22 February 2014 with the protocol made between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD on 13 May 2017. With the 1,5 billion TL Gaziray project; The city center, 6 units and industrial zones will be connected to each other. In this context, the existing 25 kilometer subway line will be renewed and 16 units will be created. In station use; suburban and high-speed train vehicles while providing access to the pedestrian circulation at the same time to ensure continuity of the plan will be planned to serve as a crossover. As a result of the studies carried out within the scope of the Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan (GUAP), it was found that the existing railway line passing through Gaziantep did not allow pedestrian and vehicle circulation in the areas with intensive use in the city pass, creating a barrier effect in the region. Therefore, on the route, Cultural Congress Center-Zeytinli District, Mujahideen Budak District, Hospitals-Hotels in the transition of pedestrian and vehicle transportation to ensure safe and barrier effect in order to eliminate the said 4 parallel line will be taken under the open-close part of the kilometer. Gaziray project, 5 upper and lower passage will be made. After the 11 from Oduncular Station, which is the last stop, Gaziray Maintenance and Depot Site about 1 thousand square meters will be established at Taşlıca Local Area Border. 93 will be transported in the 1 set of vehicles planned to be used in Gaziray Project and 1000 set vehicle will be served in the first place. The project was realized by 8. In the Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan with the target year 77; Gar area will be the main transfer center considering the suitability of the different transportation types in terms of its location in the Gar area. In the main transfer center 2030 of the Garage; expected to carry at least 2030 thousand 877 passengers per day. At the main transfer center of the project, the 540 pedestrian crossing will be carried out.

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