Eskişehir competes for the summit with world cities

Eskisehir race for the summit with dunya cities
Eskisehir race for the summit with dunya cities

The successful city planning projects of Eskişehir, Eskişehir and 115 from all over the world have won the WRI Ross Award. Turkey 200 London from the competition, which takes place in a separate, Barcelona, ​​New York, leaving behind cities like Dubai, Eskisehir, was a great success finals.

WRI Ross Center, which aims to offer a better life to millions of people living in cities, won the WRI Ross Award for the first time this year. One of the 115 finalist cities in the city was the Eskişehir city of Eskişehir. Eler Eskişehir Urban Development Projects çıktı, which was realized with the vision of the urbanization of the President Büyükerşen, attracted attention in the competition where the projects that have a transformative effect on economic, environmental and social aspects have come to the forefront. Within the scope of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Urban Development Projects, improvement works carried out in Porsuk Creek, renewal of pedestrian and motor bridges, increase of green area rate per person in urban areas with thematic parks, urban rail system network and all these projects after development in tourism Eskişehir ' played an important role in the finals.

Turkey made a statement on the issue of WRI Sustainable Cities Director Dr. Güneş Cansız olm Cities change every day, but this change is not always positive. Cities often struggle with pollution, traffic congestion, inefficiency and inequality. Cities need to change positively to achieve global development and climate goals. The WRI Ross Award for Cities aims to highlight and support projects that have positively impacted urban transformation. Şehir

Expressing his pride in the finals of Eskişehir in the competition, Mayor Büyükerşen said, ğ While we are protecting our values, we aim to make our city a livable, clean and modern city. it is the transmitter. In fact, this success is a result of our people's trust in us. The fact that our efforts to transform Eskişehir from an irregular town view into a model city is appreciated by the fact that we are producing the right services. Most importantly, as Eskişehir has experienced the projects it needs, we have also been involved in an internal tourism movement in Eskişehir. We welcome tourists from all walks of the year without the summer winter. New hotels and restaurants are opened one after another in our city. The service sector earns money from tourism, Eskişehir wins, Eskişehir wins. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our basic municipal services while we are rapidly developing new projects that will add value to our tourism value and attract more tourists to our city. Eskişehir in the international arena in such competitions to be mentioned in the name, even in the finals of our breasts, gave us the power for new projects. How happy we are, happy pride with Eskisehir that my fellow citizens! Mutlu he said.

Competition from outside Turkey's Eskisehir, Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Isparta, such as cities participated in the finals of Eskisehir competitors from Colombia in Medellin, Dar es Salaam from Tanzaya, India from Pune and was the city of Durban in South Africa. The winning city will be announced in April and the winning city 250 will receive a thousand-dollar prize.

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