Yalçın was Posted on his Last Journey in KARDEMİR

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Contact yalcin directly

Ferdi Yalçın, who died in 3 as a result of the accident on 28.12.2018, was sent off on his last trip while working in the installation work of the No.XNUMX Crucible Furnace Dusting System, which was continued by NİL FC at Karabük Iron and Steel Factories.

The first funeral ceremony for Ferdi Yalçın was held in KARDEMİR. During the funeral ceremony in the rolling mill square, the colleagues and family members of the deceased, Karabük Deputy Mayor Fatma Danışman, Karabük Former Deputy Professor. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, KARDEMİR Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç, Deputy General Manager Mansur Yeke, Özçelik-İş Union General Organization Secretary Recep Akyel and Union Karabük Branch President Ulvi Üngören and Branch Board Members, Financial Affairs Coordinator Furkan Ünal, employees and NIL employees Colleagues at FC company attended.

After the funeral prayer and prayers performed by Karabük Provincial Mufti İlyas Yılmaztürk, Ferdi Yalçın's funeral was taken to the Kayabaşı District Beytullah Mosque. The funeral of Ferdi Yalçın was buried in the Karabük Village Aydınlıkevler cemetery after the funeral prayer following the noon prayer. Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel attended the funeral prayer in Kayabaşı District and conveyed his condolences to his family and relatives.

In KARDEMİR, the subcontractor worker Ferdi Yalçın (30), who worked in the installation of a crucible furnace dedusting system, had a glow when he poured thinner into the fire he burned in the tin to warm up. Yalçın, who was among the flames, died in the hospital where he was removed. Ferdi Yalçın was married and had two children.

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