Pile of 545 Pile to Karamürsel Bridge Interchange

545 pile on the cage of karamursel koprulu
545 pile on the cage of karamursel koprulu

Karamürsel Kent Square, which is one of the most important transportation projects that is being constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is under construction at Köprülü Junction. 19 meters wide 290 meters closed cross section of the construction of the tunnel teams continue to work at full speed. On the other hand, 1500 meters will be realized along with two-lane departure arrivals as well as 902 meters and 885 meters as well as 2 meters and 310 meters as well as XNUMX meters.

While the 801 of 545 Forekazık is behind the project, the construction of the 1290 meter sewer line has been completed. Karamürsel City Square With the arrival of the Köprülü Junction, transportation in the district will cause a great relief in the main arteries. In addition to rainwater and sewer lines, as well as the construction of drinking water, the tunneled junction project will add value to the Karamürsel district with its landscaping works.

2640 meter of 1400 meter drinking water line was completed in the Bridge Interchange Project constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Karamürsel. With the completion of the 3100 meter of the 520 meter rainwater line, the construction of other structures continues rapidly. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which realizes the projects that will relax the city traffic, especially the intersections on the intercity highways, makes the traffic flowing and prevents the traffic stress in the cities. Karamürsel, one of the intersections at the key points of the city, will be able to respond to a very important need on the D-130 highway, one of the important routes of intercity passenger and logistic transportation.

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