3 is going to tender for Istanbul-based Grand Istanbul Tunnel and Kanal Istanbul

3 is coming to the tender for the big Istanbul tuneli and canal istanbul
3 is coming to the tender for the big Istanbul tuneli and canal istanbul

Within the scope of the second 100 daily action plan announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a tender will be made for the projects of Kanal Istanbul and 3 Storey Büyük İstanbul Tunnel.

Turkey's Erdogan gave the first signal for the two new Vumhurbaşk crazy project. Tender exits ... Turkey's crazy project with 3 Channel Tunnel Greater Istanbul Istanbul Layer button was pressed for the project. Tenders are underway for the ongoing mega projects.

2018 often be tendered by the end of the agenda, the economy and economic coup attempts have made to Turkey with plans to put focus on trying to prevent projects they could not get what they want. After the foreign currency attacks, the fall in the currency began to re-establish the stones within the scope of the fight against inflation in the economy, President Erdoğan was pressed for a very critical process with the second 100 daily action plan. 100 second-day action plan projects involving huge project took place between two mega-projects is also very important for Turkey. With the channel Istanbul project, 3 Multi-storey Grand Tunnel projects will be launched within the framework of the second 100 daily action plan.

The announcement of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Second 100 Daily Action Plan was the first signal that important projects would be launched in many areas.

The process was officially launched for the announcement of the tender announcement for the construction of the Canal Istanbul and the 3-Decked Grand Istanbul Tunnel. For a long time, the project has been underway, and the tender process is underway for the two giant projects, whose route work continues.

Make tenders to be issued by the BOT method and 3-storey Grand Canal Istanbul Istanbul Tunnel project has a very great importance for Turkey. The security of the Bosphorus will be ensured with the completion of the giant projects. On the other hand, with the 3-Decked Grand Istanbul Tunnel, the continents will be connected once again with the 3. The giant project, which will give a great relief to Istanbul traffic, is expected with great curiosity.

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