3 TCDD Officer Expressing YHT Accident Arrested

3 TCDD Officer Arrested for Expression of YHT
3 TCDD Officer Arrested for Expression of YHT

In Ankara, 3 suspects, 9 of whom were engineers, were detained in connection with the train accident, in which 3 people lost their lives, and were arrested by the court. One of the suspects, dispatcher Sinan Y., in his statement, said, "I think that the management, which connects the acceptance and dispatch of the trains to the work of the switchman, is responsible by not taking the necessary precautions, with the change of the system that previously operated without risk and using less human factor." Scissorsman Osman Y., in his statement at the prosecutor's office, said, “I have not seen the operation of electric scissors, I have not received training. I told my superiors that I don't know ”.

Dispatcher Sinan Y., scissor Osman Y., and controller Emin EE, who were detained on the grounds of negligence in the accident, were transferred to the Ankara Courthouse after their actions at the police. The suspects who made statements to Public Prosecutor Ejder Oğuz Özdemir, who was conducting the investigation here, were referred to the court with a request for arrest on the charge of “causing death by negligence”. The court ordered the arrest of 3 suspects.


In Ankara, the interrogation of the police officer Emin EE, motion officer Sinan Y., and publicist Osman Y., who were taken into custody and sent to the court within the scope of an investigation carried out in connection with the train crash in which the 9 was killed, was completed. 3 suspected, 'taksirle death' cause of the court were arrested. The suspects did not accept the charges of prosecutors in the prosecutor's office and said they had fulfilled the instructions in the regulation said. Movement officer Sinan Y., blamed the administration.

Sinan Y. 10 working daytime, 14 working hours during the day work, 18.00'da work day, working hours until 08.00'dan said saying, N My responsibility when I'm on duty at YHT station in Ankara at the time of duty and empty trains When the time of admission and departure comes, it is necessary to take the road permit from the traffic control officer and to take the train and train the train to the officer to indicate which way he should take the train. On the instruction given by the train officer also confirms by which way he informs me which way he arranged the scissors. I'm referring to the number of the cruise control given by the traffic control officer. Before the train moves, the train mechanic comes to me or I go to him. I will give you a document showing how much speed the trains can reach in the last half-hour. In the meantime I do not tell him the line to be shipped to the train, because the orders issued by all YHTs from Ankara, unless the traffic control officer will lead the line H1 unless otherwise instructed tr.

Sinan Y. told the traffic control officer that he ordered the trains to move from H1 upon the instructions of the cruise control given to him, tr The distance between the scissors on the roads is about 15 meters. The closest one to the S-switch that provides the transition from H2 to H1 is 11. The distance to the shaver in the path is approximately 300 meters. The distance of the scissor to the other end on the H1 is about 10 meters. The trainee must pass this distance each time and the scissors must arrange this. It is not possible to see which line of the train to go into my guard, and to advance. In addition, I train the train train with the direction of the direction, I get the confirmation with the train machine from time to time I do interview on which. I don't recall asking him which line he was in this incident. Bu

Sinan Y., said:

. In the incident that happened, train mechanics 11. I have to go into the H1 with the scissor change after moving, but I do not know why they did not contact me although I need to see that they have entered H2 without changing the scissors. The trainee officer also didn't give me any notice that the train passed on to H1 (H2). I remember getting a confirmation with the GSMR speech with the officer Osman Y. This is also available in the conversation recordings. Scissors on the roads are arranged with a drill or with a handle to make it easy. S scissors are arranged by pressing the button inside the panel. When the train poses, the officer sees and hears that there is a change in the macura. There is no indication on the panel which indicates which of the scissors passes. Da

Sinan Y., dair The incident, train constitution officer (switchman) changed the scissors to me, but H1'ya provides the guarantee that the scissors H1'ye not to edit the H2'ye, see that the 81201 YHT machinist who entered the wrong way to me and the controller that any I think it is caused by the lack of information. In addition, I think that prior to 9 December 2018, the top management that connects the success and operation of the trains with the self-sacrifice of the train constitutes the responsibility of replacing the system that works without any risk and with less use of the human factor. There is no flaw in the occurrence of my incident. I do not accept the accusation, "he said.


The caretaker Osman Y., who was taken into custody and sent to the court, told the prosecutor's statement that on the day of the event, at the 05.00 ranks, with the instructions of the officer Sinan Y., the guide locomotive had arranged the shears to go after the H8 from the 1. Osman Y., z Then the evening 12'nun on the way to the 06.10 Istanbul train with the instruction of the dispatcher sent and sent H1'e. Time 06.50 Eskişehir train arrived empty. By the instructions of the motion officer, I took the scissors under the principle of 13. When the train was on the 12 roadside scissors, the needle tip sat down; but it didn't lock. I told the officer about the situation. We put the train on the road with slow movements. Tr

”I did not see the operation of the electric shears, I did not receive training İŞ I've said I did not know GÖR

Osman Y., the High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) on the Ankara-Konya line said the following:

Hatırlıy I remember that I spent the night at the 11 Konya train on the 06.30 Road, at the end of the night, and then passing it to H1 by pressing the green button on the board with an electric controlled 'S' shear from the board upon the instruction of the dispatcher from H1. However, due to the intensity of motion control officer Sinan Y. I do not remember that I have confirmed. I have not seen the operation of the electric-controlled scissors from the board, I did not receive training. 9 2018 8 December 2018 9 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX 'You do not function S scissors, you look at the other scissors,' he said. I asked him anyway. He told me. However, he did not say anything about what would happen when he was alone in the night watch. Because he didn't know there was only one person on duty that night. I learned the XNUMX December, the first day of my stay. My work schedule and shift is determined by YHT Ankara Station Assistant Manager. When I was on duty, he never came and checked me. Tı (SPOKESMAN)

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