Second Great Train Wreck of 2018 Turkey Suffers Tragedy

2018 second biggest turkey in the train accident suffered facias
2018 second biggest turkey in the train accident suffered facias

After the train accident that killed 24 people in Çorlu in July, a high-speed train accident has now occurred in Ankara. With this accident, it became the 16th train "accident" with death and injury in the last 11 years.

After the train accident in Çorlu as a result of great negligence and in which 24 people lost their lives, a high-speed train accident took place in Ankara today. According to the information obtained, it was the 9th train accident with death and injury in the last 46 years, with the accident in which 16 people died and 11 people were injured.

  • Based on 2002: One dead, eight injured.
  • 22 July 2004, Accelerated train accident in Pamukova: 38 dead, 95 injured on the downturn.

  • 11 August 2004 Two passenger trains collided in Kocaeli / Tavşancıl: Eight dead, 88 injured.

  • 27 In January 2008, the wagons of Pamukkale Express were derailed near the Çöğürler Village of Kütahya: Nine dead, 30 injured.

  • 19 In February 2008, the suburban train crashed from behind in the Anatolian Express, which had a passenger at Ankara Sincan Train Station: 13 wounded.

  • 23 February 2008 passenger train in the town of Sarkisla Sivas with the 4 September Blue train collided: Five injured.

  • 17 May In 2009, two freight train collided in Sivas: A mechanic is dead.

  • 27 August 2009, Eskişehir-Istanbul expedition of the Republic Express Bilecik crashed into the construction machine at the exit: Five dead, 21 injured

  • 3 In January 2010, two Eskişehir Expresses collided head to head between Vezirhan and Bakırköy, Bilecik: one dead, eight injured.

  • July 8, 2018: From Uzunköprü district of Edirne at 15.45:362, Istanbul with 6 passengers and XNUMX staff HalkalıAfter the passage of the locomotive and the first wagon of the passenger train with flight number 12703, the rails remained in the gap as a result of the landslide under the culvert. 5 wagons of the train were overturned on the land near Sarılar Mahallesi. 24 people died in the accident and 318 people were injured.

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