2018 Becomes the Year of Important Projects in İzmir

investment firtinasi blew in izmir
investment firtinasi blew in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has invested more than 2018 billion in 2.5. 15 was 17.6 billion pounds while the annual total investment. In the last 5 year, the total amount of investments made by the Metropolitan increased by 5 by the previous 146 annually.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its investments and projects with the aim of yine Local Development kalkınma, signed important projects in 2018 again. Metropolitan, 1 billion 963 million liras during the year we spent the next year, as well as the projects of the district municipalities also provided 18.7 million pounds of financial support. Together with the investments of ESHOT, İZSU and companies, the total investment amount of the year 2018 of 2 increased to 518 million pounds.

Aiming to raise the living standards of the citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented hundreds of projects from expropriation activities to infrastructure, tramway metro investments, history protection and urban transformation to important environmental facilities. In the same period, the Metropolitan gave a lot of investment.
Together with the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT, İZSU and municipal companies, 2004 has invested 2018 billion in 17 billion 607 in 12. 400 billion 2 million pounds of these investments were made by Metropolitan, İZSU 267 billion, ESHOT 496 million, İZDENİZ, İZULAŞ and İZBETON companies invested in 2004 million pounds. In the 2008 - 1 period, the first period of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Büyüküstü, the investment amount was 947 billion 2009 million pounds, while in the 2013 - 4 period 517 billion 2014 million pounds, while 2018 - 11 141 billion 2018 million in the last period XNUMX billion TL It's on. With the international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings, Moody's once again approved the Bel AAA esi national rating, which is the highest step in the investment grade level of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in XNUMX.

Here are the heads of investments in Izmir in 2018;

* The Izmir Transportation Master Plan, which started its operations in August of 2015, was completed; The road map to be followed by Izmir until 2030 was determined.
* 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka Following the Tram, Konak Tram, which has a length of 12.8 kilometers, was put into service. The investment cost was 450 million pounds.
* Karşıyaka The project prepared to extend the tram line to Çiğli was sent to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. After the approval of the tender works will begin.
* Construction of the Narlıdere danFahrettin Altay metro line, consisting of 7.2 stations with a length of 7 kilometers, has started.
* The 79,5 metro car, which cost 95 million Euros, was put into service. The total number of vehicles in the fleet reached 95 with the 182 new wagon.
* Evka-3-Bornova central metro line project work has been completed. The line is planned to start construction in 2019.
* The project works of Üçyol-Buca line consisting of 13 kilometers and 11 stations were completed and approval was obtained from AYGM. An application was made to the Presidency Strategy and Budget Directorate on the date of 2018 for the 05.12.2017 year investment program.
* Within the scope of the Izmir Suburban System Development Project, the construction of the Belevi Station is under completion. 2019 will be put into service by the end of January.
* For the 93 million pounds investment, construction works for the two-storey underground car park with the capacity of 115 wagon in Halkapınar are continuing for the Metro wagons.
* Guzelbahce Pier was put into service Karşıyaka-Konak-Güzelbahçe flights were launched.
* Quarantine Pier was put into service in Göztepe, Alsancak, Karşıyaka Flights to.
* 2 tender for the purchase of the new car ferry.
* ESHOT added more 25 buses to its fleet.

* The construction of 183 million lira project, which extends Homer Boulevard to the Bus Station and which will pass through Buca and Bornova through a "deep tunnel", has started.
* A parking garage with a capacity of 465 was completed in Hatay.
* The highway underpass on Deniz Feneri Street, which crosses Mithatpaşa Street from the Marina Junction, was opened to traffic. Another underpass that will scalpel Mithatpaşa traffic will be available in the first half of 2019.
* Although it appears as a “road” in the zoning plan, the land that was closed with a wall and interrupted the vehicle traffic on Ordu Boulevard was included in the transportation axis; He relieved the traffic in the direction of Kyrenia and Bostanlı.
* 153 vehicle capacity Yeşilyurt Underground, 160 vehicle capacity Karabağlar Selvili Underground and 636 vehicle capacity Courthouse Fully Automatic Storey car parks are under construction.
* Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Quarantine underpass was built and traffic was taken underground. By undergrounding the traffic kazanThe area of ​​67 thousand square meters in front of Mithatpaşa Park, which was opened for sale, was transformed into a big city square.
* The construction of the Terminal and Car Park, which will breathe into Üçkuyular, which has become an important transfer point in urban public transportation, continues. Citizens who leave their private cars to the parking lot with a capacity of 841 cars can easily go to where they want by metro, tram, bus or ferry.
* 2.5 million tons of hot asphalt was poured 2143 kilometers long way was made.
* 5 meter-wide 235 kilometer-long lock paving stone was laid.
* 76 pieces of road, trestle and intersection arrangement is completed. Metropolitan, 1 billion 50 million TL investment has been made for hot asphalt, surface covering of plain roads, lock paving stone and road laying works.
* Bahriye Üçok Boulevard was organized.
* A modern roundabout on the Torbalı highway road was opened.
* The new bridge in Karaburun Bozköy was opened with the Kınık Broken Passage Bridge.

* Uzundere Urban Transformation Project 1. Within the scope of the stage, 9 block, 280 housing, 33 workplace owners' keys were delivered.
* 422 housing in Uzundere and 40 covering 2 business. Stage construction started; 3. The draw for the stage was done.
* The construction of the first phase of 130 independent units, 13 apartments and 143 shops, began in the Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project; The draw of the 2nd stage was made.
* Urban transformation project to be implemented in the Aegean Quarter was shared with the public. Reconciliation negotiations still continue. The preparations for the first phase of the project were completed.
* Completion of the master plan and architectural project project for Gaziemir Aktepe, Emrez neighborhoods. In January, the project will be presented to beneficiaries.
* BayraklıThe urban design and architectural projects prepared in Istanbul were shared with the public and negotiations with the rights holders are continuing.
* The project area of ​​Ballıkuyu 1. The urban design and architectural projects prepared for the stage were introduced to the right holders and the public. Reconciliation negotiations began.
* Urban transformation project works in Güzeltepe.

* People Park, Ahmet Taner Kislali, Muzaffer İzgü, Neşet Ertaş Park, Air Martyrs Park, Agora, Tarık Zafer Tunaya, Gaziemir Zeytin, Metin Oktay parks were put into service.
* Bornova Atatürk neighborhood is open to the outdoor sports facilities and mountaineering, rock climbing, zipline is equipped with activities such as Adventure Park was opened.
* Basmane Dokuz Eylül Square and Hamdi Dalan Junction were organized.
* Buca Yedigöller Recreation Area was renewed with an investment of 4.5 million pounds.
* Within the framework of İzmirdeniz project Bayraklı The part between 2nd Stage Waterfall Stream and Meles Stream has been completed. Bostanlı Beach with the 2nd stage Karşıyaka 2. Stage and Alaybey beach arrangement work is continuing.
* Dikili coast continues.
* 4 pistachio pines were planted at Fatmacık Kaya Hafriyat Waste Storage Area in Bornova.
* Bornova started to plant 47 thousand red pine saplings in the old quarry of Devil's Deresi district.

* Turkey's "special to the opera" The foundation of the first building was laid; construction continues.
* Yesilyurt Culture Center construction is in progress.
* In Foça Gerenköy, a multi-purpose hall was opened for architecture in accordance with the structure of the region.
* Construction of Ozdere Youth Center started.
* Torbalı Çaybaşı fire center to serve the south of the central building is being made.
* Selçuk Solid Waste Transfer Station was put into service.
* With the investment of 14 million pounds, the construction of the bus station to serve Selçuk was started.
* There are new graveyard areas in Çikazli and Torbali Pamuk Yaz Mahallesi. The works for opening new cemetery areas in Narlıdere and Bornova in Kavaklıdere continue.
* Menemen was founded with 2 pieces of light steel prefabricated building with the investment of 8 million pounds after the flood in Çukurköy.
* Bergama Slaughterhouse has been renewed to EU standards.
* İZBETON, with an investment of 13 million TL, is self-sufficient in road and asphalt construction, Asphalt Plant, Emulsion Production, Aggregate Crushing and Screening, Plentmiks Basic Production and Recycling in Casting Fields. Kazancommissioned the IM units. It is expected to save approximately 25 million lira per year.

* In Menemen, the construction of the sterilization facility with the capacity of 18 tons per day, which will ensure the disposal of medical wastes without harming the environment, was started.
* 4.5 million pounds investment with daily capacity of 500 tons Selcuk Solid Waste Transfer Station was put into service.
* The Biogas Plant construction has started in order to generate electrical energy from the garbage in the Harmandalı Landfill.
* Within the scope of strengthening the infrastructure of Kemeraltı, the works including the construction of the transmission line (rain water, drinking water, waste water, electricity) and promotion center covering Fevzipaşa Boulevard, Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard and Eşrefpaşa Street came to the last stage.
* IZU, 570 km-long drinking water network, 82 km-long channel network and 55 kilometers long rain water line was laid. 26 manufactures railing with length of kilometers; 45 led water well bore
* Tire Advanced Biological Waste Water Plant was put into service. Construction of Foça Gerenköy Waste Water Treatment Plant started.
13.2 1980 10 2.5 XNUMX once a year with the investment and XNUMX times that cause the failure of the XNUMX miles, the Yesillia drinking water line was completely renewed.
* Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Seyemen Seyrek, İnönü and 85. Yıl Cumhuriyet neighborhoods and old canal lines in Günerli are being renewed with an investment of 18 million liras.
* The second stage of Alaçatı-Ilıca- Paşalimanı-Boyalık, which includes the 800 km old historical investment covering drinking and water lines that are aging and causing leakages in Çeşme, has started.
* In the center of Menderes, 40 annually pipes, which caused leaks, were replaced with 193-resistant pipes.
* After the international project tender under the land Gulf and Port Rehabilitation Project itasyon, work has started.

* The "Natural Life Village", including bungalow houses, production plots, walking and cycling paths, was established on the Agricultural Development Cooperative land in Urla Bademler, and the producers were introduced to ecotourism.
* Within the scope of Milk Lamb Project, 47.5 million pounds were purchased from Tire Dairy Cooperative and 134 thousand 500 children including Syrian children were distributed 12 million thousand liters of milk.
* 672 thousand fruit and vegetable seedlings, 1400 pieces of small ruminants, 5 thousand queen bees, 5 thousand beehives, close to one thousand beekeeping materials were distributed to the producer.
* In the 47 village of Beydağ, Kiraz, Ödemiş and Tire, pruning and protection support was provided in the 357 bin chestnut tree of the producers.
* 23 producer 526 soil analysis was carried out in 1.052 district and the producers were informed.
* In Menemen Çukurköy, farmers with agricultural land damaged by flood were provided with 1 million 319 thousand pounds.
* Cesme Kavunu grown in the villages of Çeşme and Urla, Karaburun, Urla, Seferihisar and Cesme grows in the county of the Turkish Patent Institute for the Turkish Patent Institute was applied for geographical marking.
* In the villages of Karaburun, a “natural un fight against the ta olive fly N was launched.
* In olives "halkalı A basin-based struggle was carried out against 68.890 trees in Selçuk and Menderes against the disease.
* In Beydağ, Kiraz, Ödemiş and Tire, 8 bin crayfish (figs drying box) were distributed.
* In Bergama, Aliağa, Bornova Eğridere, Kınık and Dikili countryside, the 22 pond (HİS) pond was revised.
* For the purpose of product diversification, the producers were trained first and then a thousand asparagus claws, 8 thousand strawberries and 120 thousand thyme seedlings were distributed.
* Planting of 13 thousand 200 seedlings was made in honey forest and honey farm established in Tahtalı Dam basin.
* In Aliağa, Bergama and Kınık, the eyes of menengiç (no fence), which have no economic value, were transformed into pistachio trees.
* Milk cooling and transport tank was donated to 6 agricultural cooperative in Aliağa, Bayındır, Bergama and Ödemiş.
* 249 pieces market counter was distributed to the producers and farmers and farmers were allowed to meet with consumers without intermediaries.
* Leme Fruit Sowing and Packaging Facility de was established in Bademli.
* Du Kantar hizmet was installed with the capacity of 40 tons in Foça.
* 195 million pound investment in the 1500 kilometer-long plain road surface coating was performed.

* Within the scope of the Izmir History Project, the restoration work of the Namazgah Bath with the museum house in Agora and the arrangement of the Agora Park were completed.
* The restoration of the Masjid in the Kadifekale and the cistern belonging to the Byzantine period continue.
* Fishermen's Square application is completed.
* Kemeraltı Pedestrianization application was implemented.
* Kemeraltı 1. Completion projects of Stage Infrastructure Renewal Project, Master Plan of Lighting and Implementation projects were completed.
* Archaeological excavation support was removed to 12 and the amount of support allocated to excavations was increased. Agora, Foça, Erythrai, Eski Smyrna, Yeşilova Mound, Teos, Claros, Panaztepe, Urla and Ayasuluk excavations were transferred to the 4.7 million pounds.
* The restoration of Buca Nine Fountains was completed.

* The female guesthouse was built in Karabağlar.
* Completed Tire Stadium with a capacity of 15 thousand spectators built at UEFA standards.
* Completion of Bahçelievler Indoor Swimming Pool in Bergama.
* Closed market place, district center and condolence house to Karabağlar Kibar District kazanbeing yelled.
* Karabağlar Tahsin Yazıcı is a social facility.
* Construction of Cistern Cultural Center in Gaziemir.
* Construction of Gültepe Sports Complex in Konak continues.
* The construction of the Toros Marketplace and Social Facility in Konak continues.
* Altınordu Metin Oktay Facilities 3 pieces of synthetic turf field is done.

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