Number of Stations Increases to 15 and the Number of Vehicles to 18 in Akçaray

15e vehicle number 18e
15e vehicle number 18e

1 From 2017 to 12 Tramway, which provides public transportation service to the people of Kocaeli by 6 tram, TransportationPark, brings the number of tram lines running on Akçaray line to 18 with the arrival of 5 new tram. The first one of the tramways, which was ordered by the Metropolitan Municipality to increase the service quality offered to the people of Kocaeli, was brought to the Directorate General of Transportation Park and brought down to the tracks. The remaining XNUMX tram will continue to arrive in turn.

In a short time, the people of Kocaeli, Akçaray tram line will be added to the 4 station. The first line of 3 stations, 2019, will be available to the citizens at the end of January. With the addition of new stations, the number of stations with 11 will be increased to 15. In total, 15 km will be added to the existing tram line of 5 km and the line length will be increased to 20 km.

As a result of the circular of the relevant ministry, at least 51 of the tram cars will be composed of vehicles produced by domestic production. In addition to the 12 tramway vehicle, the Metropolitan Municipality will increase the number of vehicles to 6 by adding a new tramway vehicle. In this context, along with the new trams, domestic production will be supported.

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