YHT Construction Excavation in the creek

yht construction excavation
yht construction excavation

Geyve district of Sakarya ongoing High Speed ​​Train construction site excavation of the excavation of the excavation of the excavation company was punished.

The construction process in the Geyve region was completed by the subcontractor company who poured the excavation works from the construction site of YHT tunnel into another area without permission.

Upon the determination that the excavation waste was dumped to another region, an investigation was conducted on the Taşlıçay Creek in the Geyve District Örencik District. In the examination, the subcontractor was asked to remove this excavation, but the excavation of the excavation was not removed. The teams that acted upon it started the procedures to cut the penalty and take legal action to the related company.

40.580337 30.341977 has been examined in the field of coordinate N Şenbay Mad. TRIZ. Construction San. and Tic. Inc. and Özgün Yapı San. and Tic. Inc. It has been determined that the excavation soil of the excavated soil resulting from the tunnel excavation work of the ile High Speed ​​Train ğı which is under construction by. Joint Venture “has been filled with excavation soil. In order to remove the excavated soil, the company provided a period of 15.12.2017 date and 11648 Environmental Inspection Record and 15.01.2018 date. At the end of the period, it was determined that the waste was not removed. The minutes and photographic images submitted for the audit are presented in the annex of the annex and dated 06 / 11 / 2018 for taking action in accordance with the legislation in force and for taking such decisions; Letter 34776.


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