The New Name of Yenişehir Airport will be Bursa!

yenisehir airport will be the new name bursa
yenisehir airport will be the new name bursa

AK Party Bursa Member of Parliament for more effective use of Yenişehir Airport. The 'I am' campaign launched by Mustafa Esgin on social media attracted more than expected.

He emphasized that everyone should put their hands under the stone in the campaign he started with the title of 'open call to Bursa'. Esgin met with all the stakeholders who responded to the call at the Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center.

A wide range of attendance was attended to the meeting, from BTSO to national associations, from tourism professionals to civil society representatives. Announcing the results of the 2,5-hour meeting to Bursa residents through social media. Esgin also announced the principle decision taken at the meeting, using the name Bursa Airport instead of Yenişehir.

Dr. Esgin, in his share, primarily the Yenisehir and Yunuseli Airport, such as 20 years before the location remained controversial, Bursa Airport perception of the formation of the city as a great importance underlining the highlights, wrote:

“The promising public in Bursa is our biggest support. It is our duty to convey the correct demands and expectations of the public to the relevant authorities. Greetings to all our fellow citizens who contributed, excited us, guided by their determinations, strengthened their hearts with their prayers, and said 'We are there'. No stopping, keep going… ”

Air transportation is indispensable for tourism. Bursa set the road map with the tourism summit held last month. The most important element is transportation. This problem was significantly exceeded by the introduction of the motorway. There are high speed trains in the line. Most importantly, although 18 has been in service since the year, Yenişehir Airport, which does not work as requested, is the bleeding wound of the tourism workers.

Bursa Tourism Platform Coordinator Hasan Eker attended the meeting. Esgin and the participants told the interesting data about the airport and the results that should be taken.

Using the name of Bursa Airport instead of Yenişehir is Hasan Eker's primary opinion like other participants. This name needs to be branded and supported. Looking at the numbers, the airport actually operates at the right time when the right time is placed. Occupancy rate reaches almost 90 percent in flights.
Hasan Eker also received information by contacting the tourism agencies who issued tickets before the meeting. Tickets to Paris, Stuttgart, Milan and Moscow were bought the most from agencies in Bursa. Paris came to the fore thanks to Renault, Milano Tofaş and Stuttgart, thanks to Bosch factories. Moscow has come to the fore commercially in recent years. These routes can be planned, especially since there are no Moscow flights from Sabiha Gökçen.

What about the Balkan countries?
The mutual passenger traffic to Turkey from the Balkans periodically. Also, since THY uses Istanbul as its center, most of them are transit passengers.

In the domestic ticket segment, Adana, Gaziantep and Kayseri are in the top three places. The city following this is Samsun. The demands for Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum are again seasonal.


According to Hasan Eker, the demand for voyages is not sufficient in itself. You have a look at the expeditions because of their international connections. The rooted solution is Bursa's meeting with its own airlines.

He laughs when he reminds Eker about the attempt for Bursa Airlines about 10 years ago. In those days, he committed himself to be a small partner. Underlining that the project will not be through partnership, Hasan Eker said, 'Actually it is a profitable business. A businessman does not take this job and walk without getting the patronage of the job. Let's say the desired amount of money was collected. Bring it to a general manager, change it. An entrepreneur, a businessman who will give his full time, must do this job. The example of Pegasus is in the middle. Bursa also needs an Ali Sabanci. '

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