Yapı Merkezi Starts TRC Staff Training in Tanzania

trc personnel training started in the construction center
trc personnel training started in the construction center

For the training of TRC personnel of the Building Center, the first training of the A Pack - General Railway trainings, which is the first of the trainings to be made according to the agreement with TCDD, was carried out on the 26 November 2018 at the Ilala camp site with the participation of Isack A. Kamwelwe, the Minister of Transport of Tanzania. The Minister of Transport was accompanied by TRC Chairman John Kondoro, TRC Director General Masanja K. Kadogosa, TRC Technical Services Manager Felix Nlalio, TRC DSM Project Manager Machibya Masanja and Korail Project Manager Jong-Hoon Cho.

Tanzania Transportation Minister Isack A. Kamwelwe, TRC Board of Directors Chairman John Kondoro and TRC Director General Masanja K. Kadogosa delivered a speech at the ceremony in the dining hall of Ilala site.

After the speeches, the ribbon of the class established in the Ilala site of Yapı Merkezi was interrupted by the Transportation Minister Isack Kamwelwe of Tanzania and Abdullah Kılıç, the Regional Director of East Africa. After the opening, the Minister of Transport of Tanzania Isack A. Kamwelwe came to the classroom. Abdullah delivered a speech in classrooms Sword TCDD 160 years is an organization operating the railway lines in Turkey, maintenance, personnel training, construction is an organization that claimed responsibility for the supervision of ongoing lines of TCDD its staff, international organizations and the Building Center He stated that they have given railway training to their employees and finally they are proud of the contribution they gave to this training program as Yapı Merkezi.

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