Record Decline in the Use of Inappropriate Ankarakart

record fall without use of procedures
record fall without use of procedures

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. With the help of Mustafa Tuna's instructions, the only card to be used in the transportation of the capital was found to be a record reduction in transportation, discount applications and the use of ler Irregular Ankarakart hay in the non-stop transportation period in rail systems.

In recent years, 3 bin 755 has reached the number of improper use and has been regulated in the name of someone else with illegal penalties.


In the year 2014 started to use with the capitalists' great interest in the: Smart Ticket: Ankarakart il, the same year thousand 407 closed the year with the improper use. In the 2015, the 3 755 and 2016 836's 2017 have been used to reduce the 900 to XNUMX.

In the last year, the use of irregular cards has decreased by more than 50, but this rate has fallen by half and became 525.


The decline in the use of illegal cards, which are largely effective in revolutionary decisions such as a step-by-step transition to single-card use and direct transportation, has also been effective on a monthly basis.

As of October, the monthly figure dropped to 29, while the data released by the General Directorate of EGO revealed a significant decrease in illegal use compared to the years.


During the inspections carried out by the inspectors, it was determined that those who were entitled to free or discounted card use, from time to time, used their own cards to their spouses, children, grandchildren, relatives or third parties who were not entitled to use them.

EGO officials; In the case that it was determined that the free cards given to the elderly, disabled and officials were used outside the beneficiaries of the discount cards given to the students, they gave the information that the users and the users of the card were imposed administrative fines.

In the event of an irregular card being used, these cards are confiscated, and legal proceedings are initiated for them.

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