Transportation Experts Admire Şanlıurfa

transport experts admired sanliurf
transport experts admired sanliurf

📩 23/11/2018 11:59

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality showed the historical sites of Urfa to the transportation experts attending the UCLG-Mewa Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit Meeting.

Following the Joint Meeting of the United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization (Uclg-Mewa) and the UCLG-Mewa Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit, the Metropolitan Municipality gave the transportation experts Şanlıurfa to the meeting. He toured the historical ruins and touristic places.

Gobeklitepe Ruins, Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum, Mosaic Museum, Eyyüp Prophet Patience Authority, Balıklıgöl and transportation experts who visited the historical bazaars thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for their hospitality.

Saying that he will come to Şanlıurfa once again, Transportation Expert David Bull said, “I was very impressed by Şanlıurfa. I was also pleased with the transportation works and transportation meeting in Urfa. Şanlıurfa will become a huge tourist center in the future.

I see that Şanlıurfa needs more transportation investment. I will come back to Şanlıurfa. I will come with my wife and family next time and I want to show them the history of Urfa ”.

İlksen Tavşanoğlu, Head of Security and Authorization Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and Hülya Akboyraz, Rail Systems Branch Manager, also thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for their hospitality.

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