Turkey's first driverless metro 7 / 24 Journey Safely

In the first driverless metro ride turkiyenin 7 24 why trust
In the first driverless metro ride turkiyenin 7 24 why trust

Turkey's first driverless metro Üsküdar- Sancaktepe's (M5) to step up to a month Cekmekoy open. The M5 was chosen as the best driverless metro in Europe by the International Association of Public Transporters. Third place in the world. So how does M5 work? Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has told SABAH the employees of the Rail System Department. Here are the details:

-Metroda 10 1 error in the world is reduced to the world's most secure signaling system certification is accepted as the SIL4 system is used. There is a 2 computerized signaling system on the train.

All the movements of the signaling system 7 day 24 hours followed by the control center is transferred.

- There is an 2 control center at the Bazaar Station and Warehouse site. The system does not allow any human error.

- Even in the hours when the Meter doesn't work, there are officers at the control center.

-The first subway is getting ready for the 4.30. It starts working with a mause movement.

In the subway, everything is backed up in case of malfunction. 3 energy supply station. Works even if the power generator in line with massive storage area in Turkey.

- An empty train is ready between the bazaar and the Yamanevler stop.

-Metroda Peron Parser Door System (PACS) is using. Very important in terms of security.

-Trende currently has a staff of Istanbul Metro.

-Metro line is being monitored continuously with one thousand cameras. Images are being recorded at least 15 days.

Için M5 is a blessing for us. We use it without fear, with peace of mind. Kork Biliy I know that this line has been checked for 24 hours. I find it safer than other subways because it eliminates driver errors. Sürücü

Source : www.sabah.com.t is


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