Arina Transport Logistics in Turkey-Iran Inter-Working

iran turkey between shipping logistics calismalarinda Arina
iran turkey between shipping logistics calismalarinda Arina

📩 15/11/2018 16:59

Our country, which is the country where the United States administration has taken strict sanction decisions, should continue its trade activities by saying that the relations between our country and our country should be affected at least from these decisions. without slowing down the traffic exchange that took place between Turkey and Iran, our country who want to continue without a break seems determined not to interfere with the positive air transport company employees in the sector, especially by supporting Iran.

In our country, there are many transport companies carrying out shipping activities to Iran, and the major firms are attracting attention with their regular and healthy activities. Mersin based Arınak Logistics, which ranks first among these organizations, continues to maintain its logistic activities that have been going on since long years. Due to its work in the industry Iran Transportation Companies It is located in a special place among the exporters and importers of many companies have the qualification of being the preferred shipping company.

Iranian transportation operations, such as complete truck loading, partial transportation, out-of-gauge heavy transport, container transportation, open trailer transport and frigo transport, are continuing in areas such as Arınak Logistics. also realizes with. Tilt, released trailer, loader and offering uninterrupted transport service company with refrigerated semitrailer tractors are among the leading logistics companies in the transportation between Turkey and Iran.

Araklık Lojistik, which has regular partial transportation services from Istanbul warehouses with the exit of Istanbul from the warehouses of İstanbul on a certain day of the week together with the complete truck transportation, has the partial and cargo cargoes collected in the modern warehouses of the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul. Halkalı Following the customs clearance procedures in the customs, the delivery of goods is delivered to all cities in Iran, mainly in the capital city, Tehran.

Arsat Logistics, which is on duty with its 7 / 24 understanding with its highly experienced operation team in Iran, continues its works without compromising the principles of providing quality service focused on customer satisfaction.

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