Danube's One-Year Capital Balance Sheet

one year of capital tundra
one year of capital tundra

On the date of 6 November 2017, the chairman of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna left behind a year in office.

7 to 70 from the first day of his office in the city management of everyone acting in the framework of the principle of erçev common mind herkes, transportation from the infrastructure up to infrastructure closely linked many new decisions and projects with the capital city.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna was elected as the vatandaş Most Admired Metropolitan Mayor “in the competition organized by the Union of Mayors.

President of the Danube in the capital took place in the home and 16 member countries along with Turkey with the participation of representatives from the mayors of the World Administrative Cities 1. At the General Assembly, Chairman Tuna, who was elected as the 2018-2020 chairmanship, received the union flag.


President Tuna gave the first instruction because of the transportation of the most intense demand from the citizens and starting from November 2017, 24 hours of uninterrupted city transportation period started in Ankara.

Another tidings of President Tuna before the end of the month was about the transfer of balance between the public transportation cards. Balance transfer from card to card and credit card loading has been provided. Ankarakart, 12, has been opened in BAŞKENTRAY in the suburban lines since April with another decision that pleases the capitalists. In the capital, the transportation period started with a single card.


In December, President Tuna launched the first of the kin Capital Discounts “from water bills.

16 and 5 for dairy farms in 50 district in the first place, and 30 discount for dairies in Ankara. On the other hand, the opening / closing costs were reduced by XNUMX.

The gospel of the second water reduction was also delayed. President Tuna, 17 has announced that 17 has been discounting 17 rates in all workplaces and residences in Ankara since September, with a percent XNUMX discount on water bills as of September:

Uz We can only do so with our calculations. We do this with the idea of ​​being with and supporting our citizens against external economic attacks. This is a motivation and we want to make a contribution. Housing, businesses include all subscribers, and we will apply discounts on the entire 25 county, including the center. Konut


President Tuna, by signing another first, began to organize lem People's Day ı in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and opened the doors of his office and welcomed the Capital city.

From civil society organizations to academics, citizens and tradesmen with every part of the society, one by one, the demands were noted.

President Tuna, Haymana, Beypazarı and Nallıhan also gathered together the headmen of Ankara. Chairman Tuna, who consulted with the muhtars who had eyes on the neighborhoods, exchanged views on the solution proposals of the problems.


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna announced that there will be no increase in public transportation during 2018.

President Tuna stated that they decided not to increase the price until the end of the year and said ın We will not raise the transportation in 2018 year. Transportation is very important for our citizens. That's why we want to relieve our citizens. We also cut the prices of the single-pass cards from 4 to 3 liras. Tek


Entering the new year with new tidings from Mayor Tuna, the people of Başkent were delighted by the fact that the free parking time in AŞTİ was increased from 25 to 50 minutes.

With the instructions of the Chairman Tuna, five new toilets have been made free of charge and brought into service of the citizens.

President Tuna, who gave the good news that the new Metro and ANKARAY lines will be built in the capital, said, We will provide a serious relief in transportation by expanding the rail system in Ankara Başkan and announced two new Metro and two new Ankaray line projects:

-Gar-Siteler-Kuyubaşı Metro Line

-Yi Etlik Hospital to Forum Ankara Metro Line

-Dikimevi-Mamak Ankaray Line

-Söğütözü-METU Ankaray Line


Within a year, a total of 28 lines were opened in Ankara. The number of expeditions across the capital is increased by 900.

The transfer of the Sincan-Batıkent-Kızılay Metro Line, which citizens have been waiting for years, in Batıkent has been removed. Ankara, 3 began traveling from Xinjiang and Eryaman to Kizilay from July onwards. Mayor Tuna shared this good news with the Capitalists:

Im It was an application that our citizens expected. Especially when I went to work in the morning, getting into a vehicle, and then getting into another vehicle again was a waste of time. It was also unsuitable for comfort. We need to do better to our citizens. The capitals deserve the best of everything. For this reason, we will always continue to carry out our work with a citizen-oriented approach. Bu

Adopting the concept of social municipality, President Tuna did not forget the students prepared for the university, and the university candidates entering the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) held at 30 June-1 July 2018 provided free use of EGO buses, Ankaray and Metro.


A support for the government's fight against terrorism came from the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Nevzat Tandogan Street where the US Embassy was located within the scope of the Operation of the Olive Branch launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against the Afrin city of Syria was changed to Kuvvet Zeytin Dalı Caddesi ”. In the capital, the 15 July martyrs were not forgotten and the name of the boulevard providing the Sabancı-Bağlıca connection was immortalized as bağlantı 15 July Martyrs Boulevard Başkent.

Turkey implement than another decision consistent with the foreign policy of the Metropolitan Municipality, the street's name in front of the United Arab Emirates Embassy "Fakhr al-Din Pasha Street", also the name of the street "Medina Defenders Street" changed.

The Metropolitan Municipality Council will be the 1478 in Çukurambar, where the new address of the US Embassy will take place. He called the street ”Malcolm-x Street Cadde.


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna only brought another gospel sound at all not in the capital given to citizens and Turkey was exemplary.

Since March, N 1 TL lar wage application has been implemented in Metropolitan car parks. The capitals started using the parking lots as ”1 hours free, 1-24 hours between 1 TL X.

President Tuna, metros close to the schools in the underground or underground car parks have announced plans to do.


The button was pressed for the Saraçoğlu Project, one of the projects discussed over many years.

President Tuna explained that the city will change with the application of urban transformation in the Saraçoğlu neighborhood covering an area of ​​121 thousand square meters. Kapsayan With the arrival of Keçiören Metro at Kızılay, the minibus stops at Güvenpark will be taken underground. We think Saracoglu Neighborhood and Guvenpark as a whole. Sar

Carrying out an intensive diplomatic traffic to reach Ankara's international exhibition area, President Tuna also gave the gospel to the capital city of Akyurt. Esenboğa Airport and metro complex will be built the foundation of the fair area was laid.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Governorship of Ankara, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, Ankara Trade Chamber, Ankara Chamber of Industry, Ankara Commodity Exchange, Akyurt Municipality and the Ankara Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers established by that partnership of 8 institutions and organizations, including the Union "Ankara International Fairgrounds and Congress Center Inc. lar work in full swing, President Tuna, by frequent meetings, construction is planned to be completed within a year, he said.

President Tuna explained the details of the Proj New Ulus Square Project ın, which he described as another suitable project for the capital.

Ulus Ataturk Statue and Melike Hatun Mosque will be held in front of the square with the capital to be held in front of the two new President Tuna, drilling and domestic and foreign tourism, thanks to the project began to work as a drilling project aimed to revive. President Tuna said that the project will protect the historical texture of the capital as well as the cultural richness of the capital, and underline that the traffic will come under the ground. He underlined that he would take the nostalgia journey with the tram that will serve the tourists as well as the capital cities.


Chairman Tuna, a young amateur musicians who made another decision in Ankara, has implemented the decision.

Metro stations and Ankaray opened to amateur artists. President Tuna said, gay We strive to meet the demands of our Capitalists in all areas. Citizens, how happy it is to listen to the pleasant music, we also want to open the way we want to listen to music. From now on, our amateur artists will be able to practice their arts with their hearts ç and encouraged amateur musicians to produce.


President Tuna, who signed the projects taking into account the increasing population of the capital, began to implement the giant projects that would connect the east-west and north-south axis with new road and route studies.

METU-Teknokent Bridge Interchange was completed and commenced service as part of the road works around Bilkent City Hospital.

Following the opening of Sabancı-Bağlıca Boulevard, Tüvtürk Junction, Batıkent-Çakırlar and Eryaman Göksu Junction connection road, the construction of Hacettepe University Multi-storey Bridge Junction was started to connect Angora Boulevard and Bilkent City Hospital.

Mayor Tuna, who stated that they aim to relieve the traffic of the capital and to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow, and frequently examined the new crossroads and road works on site, said, Made with words:

”We were able to complete Kepekli, Akköprü and Türk Telekom intersections in a short period of time by working with our teams day and night and even to make the city traffic more fluent, especially in the capital.


The Gerede Drinking Water Line Project, which the capitals had been waiting for, was accelerated during the period of Tuna.

Ankara Drinking Water 2 under construction with State Water Works and ASKİ. Stage Project Gerede System and Bolu Gerede Illuminated Regulator and Ankara Camlıdere Dam will carry water between the 31 bin 592 meter-long transmission line, the world's longest drinking water tunnel line has the feature of being the world.

While Gerede water was less than 1 to reach the capital, Mayor Tuna said, “Because of the arrival of Kızılırmak water in Ankara, we have electricity costs of 25 million pounds. Gerde project will take the water from Kizilirmak to stop the 25 million pounds will be saved, '' he said.


In the month of Ramadan, People's Tuna announced that they decided not to raise the Ramadan Pidesi. Tuna said that they will not raise Halk Ekmek until the end of the year.

Stating that they will not change the price of the 250 grams of folk bread with 70 cents, President Tuna said, X By the end of 2018, our citizens will eat the bread at the same price. We need to have a stance against these economic pressures. We have to be with our citizens. We have to support our citizens 'basic needs by forcing our facilities to the end, ız he said, aiming to contribute to the citizens' economy.

For the first time at the Ramadan Feast, the People's Bread Factory produced Bayram Baklava by the order of President Tuna. The People's Bread Factory also increased the number of domestic products by removing the foreign origin products from the shelves of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the shops on the domestic and national product circular of President Tuna with the call on the domestic products against the inflation and the foreign economic pressures.


Starting from June in the capital, the projects that preceded the citizen satisfaction with the orders of President Tuna continued.

Güvenpark and Ulus Square, especially in many parks, squares and areas for the first time, free internet (wi-fi) service began to be given. Continuing to bring technological developments together with the people of the capital, President Tuna gave instructions for the establishment of security cameras in the parks that prioritized the security of citizens.

With the help of aerial shooting (drone), face recognition system, and state-of-the-art security cameras, the Metropolitan Municipality has started to work on integrating the system with the Security.

The capitals also met with a new service that was applied for the first time in the world. Citizens, while the victim of aya Ankara Kurban Ankara with the age, gender and vaccination of cattle or sheep with the mobile application that shows whether or not the mobile phone with the smartphone Ego bus stops the moment of arrival by whatsapp ın Durak Ankara ban also began to use intensively .

President Tuna, who continues to introduce the capital city with technological developments, has recently rolled up its sleeves for national and domestic software. Making an important decision supporting domestic production, President Tuna put into operation the PARDUS operating system developed by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Kullanıl PARDUS başlan operating system, which was started to be used in the Metropolitan Municipality, has been tested by the President Tuna.

. We cooperate with TÜBİTAK, universities and İŞKUR to provide hands-on learning of the Pardus operating system. Hopefully, our domestic and national software will be developed in the future and our dependence on foreign resources will be reduced. Our country will have its own operating system and software. We will also be freed from external dependency. Dış


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna also gave the good news that the subscribers using the card water meter can change their timers with mechanical water meters (postpaid).

President Tuna said that if the subscribers who use card counter with the arrangement made by ASKİ can switch to the mechanical meter if they want, lı The satisfaction of our citizens is very important for me. In particular, our subscribers who want to change their card water meters can now switch to mechanical meters Özellikle.


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, together with the heavy rainfall to prevent floods in the capital, prepared an important project prepared with ASKİ.

15 at a separate point, determined and risky 32 km long waste water and rain water channel renovation work started from August.

While the work at Akay Junction was completed before the schools were opened, President Tuna shared with the public the points which he called denet this is a mandatory surgery “and which he frequently supervised.

  • Akay Underpass and Red Crescent Connection Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,
  • Waste Water Line and Rainwater Channel in Front of EDOK and Land Forces,

  • Eskişehir Road AFAD-Diyanet Rainforest Channel,

  • Altınsoy Street and Underpass Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,

  • Gar Junction-ARENA Sports Palace Waste Water Line,

  • Talatpaşa Bulvarı Ankara River Connection Waste Water Line,

  • Bosphorus Mahallesi Neşet Ertaş Street Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,

  • Samsun Road-Hatip River Connection Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,

  • Mamak Street Municipal Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,

  • OSTIM Electroplating Junction Rainwater Canal and Waste Water Line,

  • İvedik Organized Industrial Zone Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel,

  • Kuzey Yıldızı District Rainwater Canal,

  • Eryaman Underpass Rainwater Channel

  • Gümüşköy Underpass Rain Water Channel,

  • Protocol Road Waste Water Line and Rain Water Channel


In the last year he took office, President Tuna continued to make decisions that pleased the people of the Capital.

As of September, the application of discounts on the number of mortar mortars was started. President Tuna signed with the signature of the Metropolitan City Council approved the presidential letter, urban transformation areas and risky building in the category of shanty houses and citizens living in buildings to be demolished the number of mortar fees received a discount of 50 percent.

Another tribute to President Tuna has come to the construction sector. “We want to have a contribution to the construction sector by making a discount of half to half. We need to do something against economic pressures, to give morale, to provide financial support bir said.


President Tuna, who gave instructions to diversify and increase the supports since the first day of his duty in order to develop agriculture and animal husbandry in the capital, made the face of the capitalist farmer laugh.

President Tuna, who created new projects and signed the policies next to the farmer; the bee hive, seed and machinery equipment support agricultural and livestock products in both the quality of the products to be increased as well as a brand wanted to be expressed at every opportunity.

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