TÜDEMSAŞ Produces a New Generation National Wagon

tudemsas produces new generation national yuk wagon
tudemsas produces new generation national yuk wagon

Turkey's first new generation produced by TÜDEMSAŞ in Sivas national freight cars are in great demand. Sivas, Turkey Railways National Machinery Industry Turkey's first new generation freight cars produced as a result of three years of study at the General Directorate; With the 29,5 meter length, the ability to carry the 2 wagon container on a single carriage is about 9,5 lighter than the similar wagons, ie the 26 lighter than the other wagons. This increase in carrying capacity gives the operator an advantage. Due to the light weight of the pipe, the 25,5 ratio has a higher cost or lower cost advantage. 4 H-type bogies and compact braking system are produced for the first time in Turkey. The low noise level during the journey also gives us another advantage in the operational sense of our freight wagons. The production cost of a single-generation national freight car, which can serve as two wagons, is also lower than the 15.

150 units were produced in a short time from the new generation of wagons.

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