Moving to Istanbul Airport Changes

istanbul airport transfer date changed
istanbul airport transfer date changed

In the process of moving to Istanbul Airport, there was a snow warning. When AKOM had severe snow warning on the dates of moving, the date was set back.

The number of days to move to Istanbul Airport at full capacity, the meetings on the move continues.

In recent days, the airport was attended by representatives of aviation industry, including THY and DHMİ, where Istanbul Airport IGA officials were present.

28 A noticeable date has been raised on the date of the move upon the warning of AKOM officials, which predicted heavy snowfall between December and 3 January. According to this, five days before the planned date of the airport in Istanbul, 26 December on the move to begin the process and the completion of the 28 December date was reached on a consensus.

According to information from AirportHaber, the date discussed on the current meteorological conditions could be changed by taking into consideration.

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