The Right Choice for Rubber for Traffic Safety

traffic safety for the right choice of tire
traffic safety for the right choice of tire

📩 14/11/2018 12:46

Professor Dr. Mustafa ILICALI / Istanbul Commerce University Head of Transportation Systems Application Research Center

At the request of Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID), which is the winter season approaching and traffic safety should be paid more attention, a scientific research has been conducted by Istanbul Commerce University Transportation Systems Application Research Center. This research was conducted by myself and Research Assistant Esad Ergin. In this study, in order to reveal the importance of the right tire at the right time in the safe traffic, the tire type and the type of the direct and indirect related accident causes and tire defects were analyzed by evaluating the scientific information scientifically. Thus, it is aimed to make a positive contribution to public awareness on this important issue, to create awareness and to improve traffic safety.

In order to reach our aim, technical analyzes were made on the information obtained from two different sources and concrete results were reached. First of all, in our country, there was 2017 death, 7.427 wounded, 300.383 death / injured traffic accident with the latest 182.669 statistics. According to the 2016 figures of the General Directorate of Security, the cost of traffic accidents is approximately 39 billion TL per year. When the statistics of the General Directorate of Security are examined, it can be seen that the biggest flaw is 99 (driver, passenger, pedestrian). Although we look at the last 10 year, this human fault is always in the 99 waters.


However, in the last 16 year, approximately 25 thousand km divided road was put into service, 1.250 km high-speed train line was put into service, the number of airports went to 56, and the number of trips in 2003 was closer to 35 million. In the last 200 year, a 16 billion TL transportation investment was realized. In spite of all these, the failure of the accidents to fall to the desired level and the failure to bring the traffic safety to the desired level require the development of forgiving systems for driver errors. For example, the increase in the total road network divided by the split road movement in our country in the recent years to% 509 has resulted in a serious reduction in the number of injured and fatal traffic accidents to 35. This means that even if the driver is overtaking, head-on collision deaths have been eliminated by the split road, the road has been forgiving. In the same way, we do not have any such statistics of our institutions such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which are the relevant ministries in which we will know the share of the tire in fatalities / injuries, and the number of percentages. In other words, it is not possible to use the concept of forgiving tire as forgiving way because it is not possible to find the share of heavy tire defects in the accident such as the use of tires that are not in accordance with standards, tire slit, rupture, exceeding the legal tread depth limit.

In this study, in order to reveal the importance of the forgiving tire, we have evaluated the last 4 year on the traffic accidents with fatal and injured traffic caused by the tire directly and indirectly, as well as the topographic variables such as straight road and slope road, and evaluated according to the icy, wet or dry superstructure. From these scientific evaluations, we have drawn striking results. With our scientific evaluation, we have seen that there is a decrease in the number of fatal / injury accidents in winter since 1 dated April 2017 declaring that winter tires are obligatory in commercial vehicles and this accident rate has not changed since there is no necessity in private vehicles.


When the percentages of the causes of accidents such as collision, tipping, skidding, rear-end collision, obstruction / collision with the mortar / injury, where the tire is directly or indirectly effective, it is clear that the biggest share in these accidents is the coefficient of friction between the speed and the road-surface due to it. . That is, the speed of the vehicle for the safe stopping distance as well as the coefficient of friction between the road surface and the wheel is also significantly effective. Since it is not possible to change the conditions of the road surface momentarily, the most effective element of the vehicle against the water or iced surface on the road is contacting the four points. With the evaluations made by selecting different parameters, the following striking results are reached.

It has become clear that the demand for winter tires has increased as a result of the mandatory use of winter tires in commercial vehicles and a corresponding reduction in fatal / injured traffic accidents.

There is no reduction in the use of winter tires in special vehicles.

The use of the right tire at the right time seems to be directly or indirectly related to the 4 of fatal / injured traffic accidents, even though we have seen the last 77 year in our assessment.

Our bleeding wound is considered as 2017 in 127.997 (67.119), 99 km road network in XNUMX, where XNUMX error is considered to belong to man (driver, pedestrian, passenger). This academic research that we have conducted as a university has emerged that the selection of the appropriate tire type and genus in the traffic accidents in many regions where the climate conditions are negative, will contribute to traffic safety.

CITIZENSHIP should be informed

In our assessment of the accident risk, which is directly or indirectly related to the tire of the General Directorate of Security, the approximate 77 of injured / fatal traffic accidents is directly or indirectly related to the tire. It is also believed that the direct-indirect cause of the deaths, injuries and cost of approximately 77 is not using the right tire at the right time.

These remarkable results from the above evaluations reveal the importance of the obligation and control of all vehicles to use winter tires. In addition, necessary measures should be taken to make this situation a permanent consciousness.

The detailed selection of the right tire at the right time will result in a reduction of at least% 21 in tire-related fatal / injured traffic accidents due to our detailed scientific analysis and calculations. I would like to present this important result to the knowledge of the relevant ministries, units and all the public who use the vehicle, and I would like to share my belief that the addition of this issue to the audits carried out on certain subjects recently will contribute greatly to traffic safety. In private cars, we believe that the necessity of winter tire will increase traffic safety by providing some measures to be taken without incurring burdens on citizens. It will be tried to publish the method, the accounts and the evaluations that we have used in order to obtain these results in a refereed scientific journal.

Since there is no statistics on this issue in our country, as the tire issue has not attracted the attention of the public and the authorities at the desired level, I wish a safe and regular traffic to everyone with the belief that these scientific research results will be of interest and necessary precautions will be taken.

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