Trabzon Bashirli Coast Bike Road Entered Service

trabzon besirli coast cycling route came into service
trabzon besirli coast cycling route came into service

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality in the opening of the New Bicycle Path. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, AK Party deputies in Trabzon Muhammed Balta, Spring Ayvazoglu and Salih Cora, AK Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman Haydar Revi, AK Party Ortahisar District President Temel Altunbas, officials of public institutions and NGOs and citizens were present.

Trabzon said they have done very important services in all areas of the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, "Trabzon continues to be beautiful," he said. Gumuscuoglu on behalf of the people of Trabzon to support the new Cycling Road in the city to support the name of Customsçüoğlu, the New Bike Road 4 km and 4 km 8 km as the return, he said. Cycling Road II. Customs will be extended to Ganita in the stage of the Customs Customs, ç We established bicycle terminals on both sides of our bicycle path. 60 pieces have received domestic production bicycles. Citizens who want to come here with his bicycle and can do sports here. Citizens of our citizens will be able to rent and use bikes from our terminals. We have an area called 'vitamin store' in the middle part of the bicycle path. Bike-riding, sports-making, and marching citizens will be able to provide natural juices. While giving very serious investments to Trabzon, we continue to bring such areas to the city as the demand of our people. Trabzon

President of the Environment Commission of the Parliament and AK Party Trabzon deputy Mohammed Balta Trabzon, the new bicycle path was congratulated the President of Customs. Balta said that very important works have been done in Trabzon. D Very important works are carried out in every corner of our country under the leadership of our President. Trabzon also stands out with new investments. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality in particular. An extremely modern bicycle road that will be identified in the province of Trabzon was brought to our city. The youth are very lucky with us. I don't know how to ride a bike. It was not possible to see such things in our time. Once we get on the bike, our new dress is torn. I couldn't take the fear of my mother again. Our sport at that time was skiing on the grass with nylon in the highlands. We took the tour on this beach prior to the local elections in 2009. Our mayor was the Mayor of Trabzon. We explained what we're going to do here. It's been 10 years. He came to see what Hagia Sophia was. Destructed buildings were destroyed. That was done. There's a walking path on one side, there's a bicycle path on one side. We are seeing that the representative of the President of the EC municipality, 1994, started this service in Trabzon. Good for Trabzon. It is the crown of our heads that put stones on the stone. I congratulate the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and the entire team. Büyük

AK Party Trabzon deputy Bahar Ayvazoglu also pointed out that the New Bicycle Road will serve as examples in Europe. Ayvazoğlu stated that it was a very thoughtful detail that the ones who would be able to provide bicycles from the area, said: ın New Bicycle Road is good for our city. I congratulate the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for their work. Büyük

Trabzon Provincial Chairman of the AK Party, Haydar Revi, the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, the city's important works in every corner of the said. . I congratulate everyone who contributed to being the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, ım said Revi.

AK Party Ortahisar District Chairman Temel Altunbaş also thanked President Gumuscuoglu for his work. Altunbaş, güzel In our country, our city, our county is doing very good work. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality has put in a good service. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Young people, the investment in sports will never be lost, "he said.

After the opening of the New Cycling Road, the participants were provided with natural fruit juices. Bicycles offered to the public on the New Cycling Road by the Metropolitan Municipality 3 will be free of charge during the day.

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