THY to Increase the Number of Countries to Fly in Africa to 37

thy africa will remove the number of countries 37ye
thy africa will remove the number of countries 37ye

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, “Turkish Airlines (THY), 30 Novemberda GambiaCapital city of Banjula, 12 Aralıkta in Zambianın başkenti Lusakato launch Africa with scheduled flightsda uçacağı ülke sayısını 37will increase the number of cities to 55. ” said.

initialed Air Transport Agreement between Turkey and Lesotho, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan Lesotho Foreign Affairs and International Relations Minister Lesego Makgothi was signed at a ceremony attended.

Minister Turhan, the agreement signed between the two countries expressed his satisfaction, the agreement will bring the two countries closer together, he said.

In the 2012 with disposing of the signature of the agreement was initialed with the civil aviation relations between Turkey and Lesotho Turhan said to have put on a legal basis, he said:

“Our geographically distant countries have demonstrated a common will to connect with each other by air, to increase mutual trade and tourism. This agreement regulates many issues related to civil aviation between the two countries such as traffic rights, flight capacity, flight safety and fare tariffs. Launched by our government in 2010 under the leadership of our President, the African initiative is successfully carried out in all areas.

It is perhaps the most important pillar of this initiative with the contribution of air transport, accessibility, and the accelerating effect on trade and tourism. Today, THY has become an airline connecting Africa to other world cities with the rightful pride of being the most flying airline in Africa. ”

Minister Turhan added 30 to the number of countries to fly in Africa and 12 to cities with scheduled flights that THY will launch to the capital of Gambia on November 37 and to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia on December 55. said he would take it off.

Under the Air Transport Agreement signed with Lesotho, it will be possible to provide 14 frequency passenger flight between the two countries. Turhan stated that there is no limitation for air cargo operations.

“All African countries like Lesotho are very important to us”

Minister Turhan, pointing out that Turkey is very important for all African countries like Lesotho, the words continued as follows:

“Therefore, we establish a bridge between our countries and our people by signing an Air Transportation Agreement. We desire to further develop and strengthen our multi-dimensional relations with African countries based on mutual respect. I think the agreement to be signed here is an important step for this purpose.

Our work continues at full speed in order to increase the aforementioned flights by our Ministry, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and THY, and to increase our accessibility with the continent of Africa, which we are geographically distant but close to heart by adding new destinations in Africa to our flight network. ”

Turkey is now found in 170 countries with the Air Transport Agreement, voicing Turhan approximately 122 carriers in 316 countries point to the end, he reminded that Turkish Airlines is the airline flying to more countries in the world.

Turhan reminded that Istanbul Airport, which was opened on October 29, started to serve, and said that 90 million passengers will be served annually in the new airport.

Minister Turhan said, “After the arrival of 6 runways, the capacity of 200 million passengers will be reached and become the largest airport and living center of the world. I hope that our cooperation with Lesotho will be further increased in the coming period. ” he spoke.

"We hope to be in close cooperation with Turkey"

Lesotho Foreign and International Affairs Minister Lesego Makgothi thanked Minister Turhan for the warm welcome.

Makgothi, said:

“I felt like at my second home. This second official visit to Turkey. It is very important to us that this agreement is signed. The agreement is also of great importance for the development of my country. I asked Mr. Minister to make commercial flights, but our main purpose in this agreement is not only commercial flights but also cargo flights through my country. ”

Following the speeches, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan and Lesotho Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Lesego Makgothi signed the Air Transportation Agreement.



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