Number of Passengers Carried by Izmir Tram Over 21 Million

Number of Passengers with Izmir Tram 21 Million Asti
Number of Passengers with Izmir Tram 21 Million Asti

The tram project, which is one of the most important steps on the way of transporting the public transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to contemporary standards, has gained a great place in the life of İzmir people in a short time. 2017 launches flights in April Karşıyaka The total number of passengers transported by Konak Tram, which was put into service last March, exceeded 21 million. The daily number of passengers on the Konak Tram has exceeded 75.

İzmir Tramway, which was implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of environmentally friendly, economic and comfortable public transportation, became an integral part of the city life in a short time. Pedestrian and automobile drivers also adopted the rules over time, and the first days of the negative level has decreased to a minimum. The comfort offered by the system was also reflected in the number of passengers. 12,5 km length 19 bus stop between Fahrettin Altay - Halkapınar and 8,8 km long bus stop between Alaybey and Ataşehir Karşıyaka The total number of passengers transported by Tram has exceeded 21 million. Karşıyaka The tram has a total of 16 million passengers in the 12 monthly public transport service, while the Konak Tram has reached a total number of 5 million passengers in the 9 monthly public transport service.

75 thousand people on the Konak Tram every day
The last ring of the railway network, which reached 179 km in Izmir, has made a big leap in terms of number and density of passengers. On 24 March 2018, trial voyages started, and on 2 July 2018, the average number of passengers per day was over 75. 6 07: 00: 09: 00: 15: 00: 20: 00: XNUMX: XNUMX: XNUMX XNUMX: XNUMX: Konak Tramway, which offers ease of use and access to the city center, attracts great attention during the day and contributes to increase mobility in the city.

8,8 travels on the km Karşıyaka The number of passengers on the tram reaches to 35 per day. 11 April 2017 has started pre-operation with passengers on this line, while 10 minutes are frequent, and the number of passengers is continuously monitored and additional trips can be made according to the density.

İzmir Tramway, which has adapted Izmirans to high level comfort, has been granted 5 separate quality certificate from TSE recently and it has been included in 5 quality certified ayı Integrated Management System X of İzmir Metro system.

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