New Sakarya Arifiye Bridge Completed

new crossover of arifiye completed
new crossover of arifiye completed

The 65 meter-long bridge between the Arifiye Türkçaybaşı and Karaaptiler Districts by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality was completed. Murat Mutlu said, hale With the new bridge, we have both shortened and secured transportation to the city center. Good luck. Hayır

Works were completed on the new bridge built by the Metropolitan Municipality in Arifiye. Karaaptiler and Türkçaybaşı Neighborhoods connecting the 65 meter-long 17 meter width of the new bridge that provides safe transportation to the citizens of the Department of Science Affairs, Murat Mutlu, asphalt work after the bridge will take the final version expressed.

Murat Mutlu, Head of the Department of Science, stated that they were happy to bring a new bridge to the city and said, ay We have both shortened and secured transportation to the city center with the bridge we built between Türkçaybaşı and Karaaptiler. Together with Türkçaybaşı, you will also be able to get to the center from Çaybaşı Fuadiye, Hacıköy, Mollaköy and Kemaliye neighborhoods. We have completed the bridge feet, railings and pedestrian crossings. Finally, we will complete our asphalt process. I hope we will put our 65 meter 17 meter in the shortest time. Good luck. Hayır



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