A Giant Auction from TCDD Is More Cengiz?

tcddden is a giant tender more cengize
tcddden is a giant tender more cengize

Mehmet Cengiz ring with disbelief that agenda, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) gave the lowest bid in a tender offer from 109 million more expensive, but still tender was given to Cengiz.

Cengiz Holding, known for its proximity to the AKP, Turkey's State Railways out that the lowest bid in a tender despite bidding 109 million more expensive won the tender.

SözcüÇiğdem Toker, in his column titled bir Is a giant auction more Cengiz? imi read, un We will talk about a big tender that has never come up on the agenda when we talk about a budget calendar where plenty of savings are spoken. Construction of Diyarbakır-Mazıdağı (Mardin) Railroad Concentration Line, which was opened by TCDD with the method of ak among certain tenderers T. Ascension, connection means; now we all know. Here, in the sense of special railway connected to a factory / jetty. Diyarbakır-Mazıdağı Railway Why is the connection line important? . For Cengiz Holding's integrated fertilizer facility in Mazıdağı C, he said.

Böl The 1.1 billion-dollar investment, which has received many incentives from the state, will be the largest in the region. Cengiz Holding's integrated fertilizer facility in Mazıdağı. The length of the 53.8 km, the approximate cost 384 million 733 was announced in thousand TL. The lowest bid in the tender at the end of September came from the partnership of Ederay-İmaj-Metaleks: 380 million 615 thousand TL. This bid was followed by Cengiz Construction's offer with 489 million 637 million TL. After a month-long evaluation, the lowest bid was found to be invalid, 'Toker said, calling on TCDD to sign a contract last week with Cengiz İnşaat, which has offered 109 million more expensive bids than the lowest bid.

Toker added, kabul On what grounds did you accept the offer of 109 million TL more expensive than the lowest bid? Do you plan to make a statement to the public? Kamu he asked.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr

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