Suleyman Demirel Bridge Interchange 1. Stage is opened to traffic

suleyman demirel koprulu kavsagin 1 etabi trafige
suleyman demirel koprulu kavsagin 1 etabi trafige

📩 23/11/2018 11:22

In order to ensure the safety of citizens and to relieve the flow of traffic, the intersection project started by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the İzmir-Denizli highway in Alaşehir was built by 1. The stage was opened with a ceremony. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who made the first transition from the modern intersection, said, Er Thankfully, we opened the sunken part of our intersection project that we started in the way of death that many of our citizens lost their lives in the past. I hope that the bad memories will be replaced by a safe and modern intersection. İn

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the city of Alaşehir, which became a nightmare of the citizens and endangers the lives of the citizens of the intersection project started on the highway in Izmir-Denizli 1. Completed the stage. 1 is the junction of the former president Süleyman Demirel, who will ensure the safety of citizens. The stage was put into service with a ceremony. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Alaşehir Mayor Ali Uçak, Sarıgöl Mayor Necati Selçuk, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, MASKİ General Manager Yaşar Coşkun, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz Gençoğlu, MASKİ Deputy General Manager Burak Aslay, Heads of Departments, MHP Provincial Chairman Öztürk, MHP Ülkü Ocaklar Provincial Chairman Mehmet Balaban, MHP Alaşehir Organization, Ulku Alaşehir Organization, Alaşehir Muhtarlar Association President Şevket Çömçömoğlu, neighborhood muhtars and citizens attended. President of the neighborhood before the opening of the headmen and citizens in the Kavaklıdere Junction was met with warm and intense interest.

“Today is Alaşehir's Feast“
The start of the program started with the reading of the national anthem and the National Anthem, Alaşehir Mayor Ali Uçak said,'n Today is the festival of Alaşehir. I would like to thank all of the people who contributed to this investment. This bridge did not end, the Metropolitan's money was finished. Come see this investment. He will erase the prejudices in his hearts about what Cengiz Ergün and his team are doing and what they will do. I mean as someone who has visited every province of Turkey; Turkey will be an example of a Metropolitan Mayor we have, "he said.

UM Giant investment in 27 million “
Speaking after Alaşehir Mayor Ali Plane, Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün also greeted the citizens and started his speech. Mayor Ergün said, “You have all welcomed to the opening ceremony of the 27st stage of our beautiful junction project with a giant investment of 1 million Turkish liras that we started on the Izmir-Denizli highway in our Alaşehir. I greet you with my heart and feelings, I wish this beautiful project to be beneficial to our Alaşehir and all citizens who will use the intersection. ”

“The service“
President Ergün stated that Alasehir received the service of Manisa as a metropolitan city. from Food Bank to MABEM, from social assistance projects to bus terminals, from restoration work to millions of investments of MASK General Directorate, from dozens of projects from A to Z, with hundreds of services to Alaşehir, I am pleased to welcome you today. Fortunately, our Alaşehir, which has fulfilled our promises and continues to bring them, is experiencing the transformation and transformation that it deserves. After these beautiful inauguration, we will share the details of our meeting with our valuable neighborhood headmen. Bunlar

”Traffic flow will relax“
Referring to the importance of the intersection in order to prevent the loss of life and property and to relax the flow of traffic, President Ergün said, “This road on the İzmir-Denizli highway, which we will open to the traffic that was sunk-out today, was a way of death, in the past, where our brother 32 was seriously discharged in a traffic accident. . We had prepared our intersection projects in order to prevent traffic safety, decrease in intensity and traffic accidents in our districts. We saw that we could not pass Alaşehir and we did our necessary work in this way. Following the long and troublesome process, such as obtaining permits from General Directorate of Highways, tendering process, and many procedures, last year, we had laid the foundation with the participation of General President Mr. Devlet Bahçeli. After a period like 1 years, I am both excited and happy to be the first stage of this important service. Together with this beautiful and important project, İzmir-Denizli intercity vehicle traffic will be separated from the city traffic by means of underpass which will be opened from below. In this way, intercity traffic will flow steadily in this region, providing a significant amount of time and money in transportation. In addition, the urban traffic will be separated from the intercity traffic, and the loss of life and property in traffic accidents in the region will be prevented. Only in this paragraph we can understand how important our project is and how useful the service is. Such a nice and useful service to bring our Alaşehir'ye also expresses my happiness, I hope I will be used without any accident, without any accident, '' he said.

“Information about the project“
Providing information on the technical details of the giant investment, President Ergun, sık We have seen more clearly how the metropolitan municipality and our contractor company works by fine sifting. Of course, hearts want to start, as soon as a work begins. But unfortunately it does not. For example, to start the construction of this beautiful project 487 100 270 120 units, including 757 units and 14.2 mile length bored piles were manufactured. In the production of finished piles, the construction of head beam and excavation works in the middle vehicle were completed; road infrastructure is completed and the road infrastructure is completed. Installation of the lighting poles at the junction was completed and the underpass was opened to the vehicle traffic. Montaj

”Alaşehir's traffic will breathe comfortably“
When the project was fully completed, he added that Alaşehir would take a comfortable breath in terms of traffic and added: ”4 thousand 100 cubic meters of concrete and 2 thousand 600 tons of steel were used in the underpass construction. Now it's not over with opening the underpass. After this opening, the production of side roads will be started and the work and the operation will be applied as much as I can. Of course, the end of patience was our ancestors. Here our teams and contractor company teams are working hard. First of all I say God bless. When the project is fully realized after a short patience to be shown, Alaşehir will have a comfortable breath in terms of traffic and our citizens will be able to use the road in safety. Gösteril

Imiz Our services will continue with your support “
President Ergün stated that they will continue to provide the best services to the city with the support of Manisalı citizens, belirten As you know this beautiful service, we do it in Turgutlu. That's 1. I said in our opening stage. We intend to bring lives and lives to our districts with our intersection investments. Manisa Metropolitan was said. Alasehir is not far away, it is not a coastal district at all. Metropolitan Municipality and Alaşehir Municipality with beautiful projects and services, breaking the crust, transformation and transformation of our city has been a unique district of Manisa. Let Ali Be Our Plane President. We work for the happiness, peace and trust of every citizen living here and we will continue to work. In this development, change and transformation of Alaşehir, all of you Alaşehir people have your share, labor, pride and prayer. You will continue to work for the best of the services we support very much, Siz he said.

“Get better“
Mayor Ergün, who completed his speech by wishing for a great investment in the district, added, el In this occasion, we have given the name of our former President Süleyman Demirel to the Alaşehir Bridge Interchange 1. I wish the stage would be auspicious and auspicious. We wish you a peaceful, unforgettable journey, free from time and financial losses, and we apologize for the inconvenience of the construction work. In order to realize this beautiful project, everyone in the project approval phase, General Directorate of Highways and Regional Directorate, Studies and Projects Department, all employees, Science Works Department and all employees, Road Construction and Repair Office and all employees, the contractor Nesma Yapi Makine and Oze Construction I would like to thank the esteemed representatives and all employees separately. With these feelings I greet you all once more with love, I entrust you to God. Thank you. Şt

Nostalgic Transition from the Modern Intersection
After the speeches, hands were opened to heaven and prayers were given. Later, President Ergün and the participants cut the opening ribbon of the first phase of the giant investment. First crossing at the junction after the ribbon cutting President Ergun, President of Aircraft and MHP Provincial Chairman Erkan Ozturk together. 1956 model classic Chevrolet ride into the car with President Ergun and wished to be better than the service done. President Ergün greeted the citizens who showed great interest to them throughout the route and stated that the service to the district was crowned with this giant investment. During the journey, a citizen greeted Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and gave him a rosary.

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