Şuhut Becomes the Center of Winter Tourism

suhut becomes the center of tourism
suhut becomes the center of tourism

Afyonkarahisar Şuhut District Mayor Recep Bozkurt's initiatives, former Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof. Dr. With the support of Veysel Eroğlu, work is continuing on the project for the Kayaktan Summit located in Kumalar mountain in Suhut district and the ski center project, which is considered for its environment.

On the subject, President Bozkurt, made a brief information, lim Klimatan Winter Tourism Center was made by a company originating from Canada. We held an information meeting about the project and the project. Çalışma Mr. Bozkurt stated that they would be the followers of this issue in order to bring such a project to Şuhut. Referring to the realization of the project will be the center of the winter tourism in our district President Bozkurt, "such a project to gain the opportunity to our district will continue to do whatever we can," he said.



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