Instrument Landing System Launched at Sinop Airport

Sinop Airport was launched
Sinop Airport was launched

Funda Ocak, the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of State Airports Authority, announced that the Instrument Landing System (ILS), which will assist the pilots in the safe landing of aircraft in adverse weather conditions, was commissioned at Sinop Airport.

General Manager Funda Ocak announced that the Instrument Landing System (ILS), which has been in preparation for some time at Sinop Airport, was put into operation after the controls.

U Particularly safe in cloudy, cloudy, foggy, rainy and snowy weather conditions; In cases where visibility is high, ILS, which provides a comfortable approach and landing, as well as security, was put into service at Sinop Airport u.

”Help the pilot to lower the plane safely on the runway“

Noting that the ILS system helped the pilots especially during the winter months, Ocak said, inde The Instrument Landing System, which was put into service following the Flight Control Tests on 17 October 2018, will serve as a horizontal and vertical guide to the aircraft and assist the pilot in the safe landing of the aircraft on the runway. Thus, the weather cancellations caused by bad weather conditions will be minimized. All kinds of services worthy of Sinop'a worthy of the best op found the evaluation.

With the new system established at Sinop Airport, the number of ILS at the airports in the DHMI inventory has reached 69.


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