Industry leader UN RO-RO enters 2019 with ambitious targets

leader of the sector un ro ro 2019a enters ambitious goals
leader of the sector un ro ro 2019a enters ambitious goals

The leader in intermodal transportation Ro-Ro Ro-Ro line between Turkey and Europe, this year held the 12th Fair Logitrans hosted the 2nd day of the dinner, met with business partners. At the dinner, DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit Senior Vice President Selçuk Boztepe shared the UN Ro-Ro's leadership service approach and 2019 goals with the participants. Boztepe stated that UN Ro-Ro will continue its ambitious growth momentum in 2018 with new investments in 2019.

UN Ro-Ro hosted the gala dinner held at WOW Hotel & Conference Center on the second day of the International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, which took place between 14-16 November. UN Ro-Ro, Turkey's leading international shipping companies, ship lengthening GEMAK performing the operations managers of public institutions and welcomed the Group's sponsorship.

In his opening speech; Father Gellert Pedersen; Ley As you know, 5 annually added the UN Ro-Ro, which operated the 12 ro-ro line with the 7 modern ro-ro vessel, to our own 1 billion Euro and added the UN Ro-Ro fleet to the existing 39 ship of the DFDS. We have combined with our existing 22 port connection. After the acquisition of the company, we entered an intensive integration process. As a result of the exchange rate movements experienced in Turkish Lira as of August, we established a collection plan to make the logistics industry strong with UN Ro-Ro. This is not a plan that our customers are accustomed to, but I am grateful for the understanding you have shown when applying this. I would also like to thank you for your admiration and kindness. After August showed a strong growth in exports towards Turkey. The road to Europe is through export of Turkey's economy. As DFDS, we always stand by Turkish exporters and we will continue to be with them. DF

In his speech at the dinner, Mr. Boztepe, Senior Vice President of the DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit, shared his 2018 goals as well as 2019 targets for the year. Selçuk Boztepe geliş 2018 was the scene of important developments for our company. UN Ro-Ro was acquired by the Danish-based DFDS, one of the most established and largest shipping companies in Europe, at 7 June 2018. As of March, we started our direct flights to Ambarlı - Trieste. Our flights to Patras started in June as a weekly mutual one. Our route to Patras was rounded off by 2. In August, the UN Black Sea ship's lengthening process took place. From June to the end of September, we provided support to our sector with discounted vehicle prices of% 50. Trieste olarakBettembourg - Gent - Göteborg line as weekly 7 voyages as of September

opened. Grimaldi connections from Patras and Italy, Malta, Spain and North Africa were put into service. Novarra and our railway connection opened in September started to offer 3 flights to Milan region. The Nikrasa system, launched in October, has started the transportation of almost all trailers, including those that are not craneable at the Triest - Bettemburg line. In 2019, we will also run to important goals. We will offer you the advantageous tickets with the ım Sea Bridge D project in Cases / Dunkirk. Mersin-Trieste our ships our line in the first quarter, we plan to do once frequented in going from Turkey to the port of Antalya. The start of a weekly import service in Bari - Pendik is in the first quarter of 2019 and the trip to Patras for three flights is 3. will be realized in the quarter. Our newly opened rail connection Novarra and Milan region with the 3 day of the week we started our weekly 6 will launch the line. In 2019, we also invested in gas insulation system known as 300 million TL scrubber. Thanks to this investment, all ships of UN Ro-Ro will be in compliance with the new global legislation to limit sulfur emissions by 2020. Bu

At the Logitrans Fair, the giant DFDS Lego ship Jubilee Seaways, which also entered the Guinness Book of Records, the world's largest Lego ship, was also featured. Lego ships attracted great interest from the fair visitors.

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