Sekapark-Beachway Tram Line Opens in February

barracks beach tramway subatta
barracks beach tramway subatta

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram said, ark Infrastructure works and ground concrete pouring were completed in Sekapark-Plajyolu tram line and rails were laid. Now the signaling work continues. We will open the line in the middle of January to the end of February, Hat he said.

Akçaray Tramway on the construction of the Sekapark-Beachway section of the newspaper in the statement about the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Ilhan Bayram, the crisis with the economic crisis due to the companies that they do business due to the rise of the business, but did not stop the work, he said. Bayram, alar Companies working in our projects were affected by the rise of foreign exchange. But we didn't stop the job. Now the signaling work is being done. It will be opened in mid-January at the beginning of February Ocak.

Sekapark, Seka State Hospital, Congress Center, School District and Beachway between the 2,2 kilometers long, round-trip 5 kilometers from the tram line that came to the stage of completion of the Secretary-General Bayram said, lar We are setting up 4 units in this region. Studies continue despite weather conditions, no hitch. With the addition of 15 to the existing tramway line between Sekapark-Otogar and 5 in the existing tram line, the length of the tram line in Kocaeli will go up to 20 km. Sek

Bayram stated that the tram lines would spread all over the city and said: ya According to the project, which has been previously auctioned, three new lines, including 8 kilometers in total, will be integrated into the existing line in the upcoming period. The Kuruçeşme line will be connected to the Paljyolu tram line by extending the 1 mileage. Alikahya stadium line will reach the current line with Yahya Captain by reaching the 3,5 mileage. All these efforts will continue rapidly after the local election, Tüm he said.

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