Sanliurfa Transportation Summit 1. Day Sessions Completed

Sanliurfa contact summit 1 gun sessions
Sanliurfa contact summit 1 gun sessions

United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization (Uclg-Mewa) Board of Directors and Council Joint Meeting and UCLG-Mewa Urban Mobility Sanliurfa Summit was held with 1.

In the 1 day summit in Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Palestine, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, North Cyprus Turkish Republic, Libya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Syria, Jordan, was attended over 400 from different countries such as Yemen .

Intelligent Transportation, Transportation Financing, Governance and Management, Environment Friendly Transport and good practice examples were presented at the meeting, the Mewa Region how to reach a better urban mobility to answer the question was sought.

UCLG-Mewa Board of Directors and Council Joint Meeting discussed the issue of disseminating public transport at the first day of the meeting with the draft agenda items. The first session continued with the presentations of the Professors from the UK, Malaysia and India. Then 2. passing the session, the importance of urban mobility in the city Brand Britain, Germany and continued with Kazakist new reports of Turkish scientists.

Finally 1 of the meeting. On the day, UCLG-Mewa Board and Council Joint Meeting and Urban Mobility Committee Administrative Sessions were held. UCLG-Mewa management in this session; 2018 annual activity report, 2019 year financial report, Ombudsman reports, Annual Report, IETT Tümendeks Project and public transport quality evaluations were discussed.

On the other hand, TURSEFF, which was developed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and supported by the European Union (EU) since 2010 and provided more than a million Euros for 570, focused on circular economy such as Sustainable Energy, Water Efficiency, Raw Material Efficiency and Waste Management. components discussed.

21 09.00 will also begin at 2 November. Day sessions, Intelligent Transportation program, Transportation Financing, Management and Business issues, Environment-Friendly Transportation, Middle East Region Cities will continue with Transportation Issues.

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