571 Million TL Government Promotion to BMC in Rail Systems

bmcye 571 million TL state level
bmcye 571 million TL state level

📩 12/11/2018 11:28

135 project will be supported within the scope of the Project-Based Incentive System. Incentives, Alvi Medica, Assan, Atayurt, BMC, CFS, Dow Aksa, Ekore, Ersan, SASA, Ipek Furniture, Most Machinery, Siirt Copper, Metcap Energy, TAI, Oyak Renault, Star Metallurgy, Vestel, SÜTAŞ and Tosyalı will benefit. Vestel will mark the biggest investment to be benefited from the incentives, with the 23 billion 35 million pounds project for electric vehicle energy storage systems.

The President's Decision on the issue was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. Accordingly, the duration of the investment is expected to be 1 year starting from 2017 June 7. If the investment is not completed within this period, the Ministry of Industry and Technology will be able to provide half of the time.

The total fixed investment amount for the project was determined as 571 million 500 thousand pounds, additional employment 500 and qualified personnel number was 24. BMC will also install a rail system vehicle production facility in Sakarya. 250 team locomotives, wagons and subsystems are planned to be produced at the end of the investment period.

VAT exemption, customs tax exemption, VAT refund, 100 percent corporate tax reduction, 10 annual insurance premium employer share support, 10 annual income tax support withholding, maximum 69 million TL qualified personnel support, 10 annually 140 million pounds not to exceed the interest rate and 12 and / or profit share support and energy support that will cover fifty percent of the consumption expenditures in excess of XNUMX million liras for ten years.

With the Project Based Incentive System; Customs Duty exemption, VAT exemption, VAT refund for building construction expenditures, Corporation tax deduction up to 2 floor of the investment amount or Corporate tax exemption up to 10 year, employer share support for insurance premium up to 10 year, Income tax withholding support for 10 year, qualified personnel support will benefit from support such as interest or profit share support up to 10 year for investment credit, capital contribution up to 10 year, energy support up to XNUMX year, allocation of investment place and transfer of such immovable property to the investor in certain conditions, infrastructure support and public purchase guarantee.

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  1. I would say that even if there is so much opportunity for the wagon and loko producing companies, the plane is even produced.

  2. I would say that even if there is so much opportunity for the wagon and loko producing companies, the plane is even produced.

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