Rail System 2019 Finally at Istanbul Airport

rail system 2019 at the airport in Istanbul at the end
rail system 2019 at the airport in Istanbul at the end

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, Republic of 100. In competition with the world with services in the field of transport and infrastructure it was reported that they aimed to achieve a prosperous to Turkey.

Turhan, Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission made a presentation regarding the budget year 2019 the ministry, said the importance of mutual communication, consultation Turkey said they accepted the opportunity for all issues of concern.

Transport and infrastructure services, the government is one of the strategic issues of importance that voicing Turhan, society and state development, transportation and infrastructure investments can not be considered independent from, he said.

Turhan stated that they are approaching their areas of responsibility with this awareness as the Ministry. In competing with the world with services in the field of transport and infrastructure, prosperous Turkey. "he said.

Turkey is the world's first 10 economy in place to get the Ministry as Turhan remarkable determination and effort they are trying to achieve its objectives, in the framework of the duties and responsibilities they undertake to facilitate the citizen's life, the world will improve quality of life, in which the major projects he stressed that they had a life.

Turhan, the 95 anniversary of the republic, the anniversary of the 29 October, the nation's largest airport that raises the chest, said: yan This will be the cornerstone of our work and similar works, Turkish engineers and workers have built with the labor and skills. So we are moving to a more powerful way to Turkey tomorrow. "The assessment found.

Turhan said that they have been bringing private sector resources to the economy by using not only budgetary resources, but also alternative finance models while implementing these projects, thus opening up the sectors to competition and creating new employment opportunities.

In today's world where transportation and communication facilities and needs are constantly changing, Turhan said that they play important roles as the Ministry. At this point, they have evaluated the advantages of the country as a result of the geographical position and stated that they carried out all plans and projects within this framework.

Underlining that the motto ler Let man live, the state live kolaylaştır is the basis of all works, Turhan stated that they realized the investments that will facilitate life in transportation and communication in accordance with changing needs and developing technology.

Ip We reduced the lives of citizens and reduced accidents “

Expressing the main backbone of the transportation network of roads, Turhan said:

Ve We increased the physical and geometrical standards in state and provincial roads that provide access to all corners of our country, and increased the level of service and traffic safety by establishing intelligent transportation systems. In addition, we have strengthened the national and international corridors of the country with our work on the highways and divided roads. In this way, we reduced the lives of citizens and facilitated lives. We have contributed to the economy with a significant amount of fuel and labor savings thanks to the shortening of travel distances and times. Seyahat

Turhan emphasized that the railways which were neglected after the first years of the Republic were re-turned into a state policy, and that they developed their logistics infrastructure and activity areas with the railway investments that contribute to the economy.

Turhan, railway sector in order to increase the share and quality of the railways to liberalize and open to the competition reminded, the big cities to reduce the congestion of projects that produce traffic, he said.

”We spread the air transport network across the country“

Air transport to the competition by opening the line that attracts attention Turhan attracted attention, as a result of cheaper ticket prices, the airline has become the way of the people, air transport network with the development of air transportation throughout the country spread, he said.

Underlining the fact that they have reached more than 300 destinations abroad and have developed new commercial opportunities for business people as they develop tourism and trade with these countries, Turhan emphasized that they have made the national airline THY a global brand.

Turhan, which will be one of the biggest air transportation centers in the world, will increase its brand value with the Istanbul Airport and said han Istanbul Airport will also make our country an important transit center between east-west and north-south axes.

Turhan, Turkey's air cargo air transportation in the area with a significant advantage, he said.

In the future, Turhan said that the seas have implemented many arrangements in support of the sector with the awareness that mankind is a field of life that cannot be abandoned in the future.

Saying that the seas are being watched for 7 hours and they are made more secure, Turhan stated that they have established National and Regional Emergency Response Centers that will control all shores for quick and efficient sea pollution.

In addition to providing better transportation infrastructures to the citizens as the Ministry of the Ministry of Communication as well as the basic needs of the past have also developed communication facilities, Turhan, domestic and national facilities developed by cyber security infrastructures, electronic transactions in a secure environment, the citizens to use digital services more effectively and efficiently he said.

Turhan, emphasizing that they have made every point of the country in a shorter time, more economically accessible and accessible, erişilebilir he said. Ulaşılabilir Thus, we have contributed to the balanced distribution of social and economic development in each region.

Katkı We made significant contributions to employment ”

Turhan, the ministry made significant contributions to employment with the investments, the total number of employment has reached 281 thousand, he said.

2019 budget of the Ministry, increased by 26 percent compared to last year voicing the Turhan, a decrease in the budget of the highways, where the high-cost investments in the public said they plan to do private cooperation.

Turhan emphasized that 3 will use 11 million people by integrating the 6,5-Decked Istanbul Grand Tunnel with XNUMX separate metro lines.

YHT, 2009'da comfortable, fast and modern train journey to the percentage of the country's population of 40 reached the Turhan, YHT up to now 44 million passengers have been reported.

Turhan, the historical Silk Road, the Iron Silk Road, stating that they have converted, last year, this corridor, the freight forwarding service to the exporter and industrialists, he said.

Turhan reminded that Marmaray, consisting of 13,6 and 5 stations, was commissioned at 2013 between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme.Halkalı 19 mileage studies continue. At the beginning of 2019, we are aiming to open these sectors to the business. X

Referring to the Istanbul Airport rail system connections, Turhan said, ib Gayrettepe-İstanbul Airport section consists of 37,5 kilometers and 9 stations and the physical realization has been realized with 23. We aim to complete this project at the end of 2019. Istanbul Airport-Halkalı 27 kilometers and 6 stations. We aim to complete this segment at 2020. Bu

Minister Turhan, aviation in the world average of the growth of the world average 3 underlining the continued growth, in line with the vision of 2023 aviation industry, including the space technologies to expand the foot, he said.

115 486 terminal, 59 the number of airports, 219 the flight path, 254 the number of aircraft, 550 seat capacity, 427 7, 56 XNUMX, the international XNUMX flight point, pointing to increase Turhan, XNUMX XNUMX airport, said it has become possible to fly to the airport today XNUMX .

Turhan stated that the project work of the Kanal Istanbul Project was about to be completed and said, alar The zoning plan works related to the project have reached the final stage. We continue to prepare the construction model and tender model specifications for the construction and operation of the project. We are planning to realize this project with Build-Operate-Transfer model. Yap

Emphasizing that the tourism and trade potential of Istanbul will be increased with the logistics centers and marinas to be built within the Kanal Istanbul Project that will raise the brand value of Istanbul, Turhan said that the city will also gain new residential areas with modern urbanism practices.

Fair use quota application

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan, after the presentation of the press, "The fair use quota will be removed in 2019" on the questions on, "Electronic communications, the Internet, communication has a great progress every day. We are trying to improve our infrastructure to serve them. We are trying to close the doors about the issues that we think are unfair. This is the essence. We will put these into practice by establishing their legislation within a certain period of time. 2019, 2019'un put in different periods. Iz he said.

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