Osmangazi Bridge on the 3.3 Million claim to stress!

Osmangazi koprusunde 3 3 billion claim the accent
Osmangazi koprusunde 3 3 billion claim the accent

The Court of Accounts, due to the extension of the implementation contract on the Osmangazi Bridge in violation of the tender, declared that the operator company was unfairly awarded 2017 billion 3 million 323 thousand liras in 978 figures. kazanHe determined that he would get three.

It is still unfair that the company started the construction earlier than the contract, finished the construction and overworked the bridge for the remaining time. kazanHe also stressed that he will achieve three. It was also included in the report of the Court of Accounts that the first 400 million lira of the expropriation value was not received from the contractor company for a long time. CHP Party Assembly Member Haydar Akar said, "They put forward the build-operate-transfer model as the look-here-wealth model."

The irregularities of the General Directorate of Highways on the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway and the Osman Gazi Bridge, known as the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, were detected by the Auditors of the Court of Accounts. Most of the irregularities reflected in the 2017 reports emerged due to the extension of the implementation contract of the project, which was awarded with the build-operate-transfer model, contrary to the tender. Due to the extension of the implementation contract contrary to the tender, the operator company has been unfairly paid 2017 billion 3 million 323 thousand liras in 978 figures. kazanHe determined that he would get three.


The conditions in the application contract for the motorway construction work had to come into effect on the 180 day. This period was exceeded and the sanctions foreseen by the contract were determined.

The deadline for the enforcement agreement to enter into force was March 26, 2011. However, contrary to the tender, the implementation contract was put into effect 715 days after this date, that is, on March 15, 2013. 715 of the 276 days that have passed have emerged due to the negativities stemming from the General Directorate of Highways. Recognition of this period as an additional operating period to the operating company was accepted as normal. However, the auditors of the Court of Accounts determined that the remaining 439-day delay had nothing to do with the directorate and was a delay in the responsibility of the operating company. The 439-day delay was supposed to be deducted from the operating period, but the directorate did not deduct this period from the operating period. The auditors of the Court of Accounts calculated the 439-day operating period from 2017 million 7 thousand 571 liras per day with 705 figures, an unfair amount of 3 billion 323 million 978 thousand 863 liras. kazanHe determined that the genie would appear.


The auditors, who determined that the company that built the highway and bridge, started the construction works early in violation of the contract, said that this situation was also unfair. kazanHe stated that it was the cause. According to the contract, the processing period of bridges and highways is 22 years and 4 months. 7 years of this period were defined as the "construction process". When the operating company completed the construction before 7 years, the increased time according to the contract would be added to the 22 years and 4 months, which is the operating period. The company, which started the construction works before the contract, started the construction before the site delivery was made. Thus, the operator company, by completing the construction as soon as possible, by obtaining extra bridge operating time, is again unfair. kazanThree achievements were highlighted in the report.

The auditors of the TCA said that it was not possible to determine when the firm actually started the construction works, therefore it was unfair. kazanHe stated that the cin could not be calculated exactly. In other words, it was not possible to calculate exactly how long the operating company acquired the operating right.


The scandals related to Osmangazi Bridge and Izmir Motorway were not limited to this. According to the contract, the first 400 million pounds of the expropriation process was to cover the company that undertakes the work. After the completion of the expropriation of 400 million pounds, the administration would take over and expropriations would be made in the name of the Treasury. However, the General Directorate of Highways and the Treasury here also made a great contribution to the operating company and did not ask the operating company to demand money for expropriation.


The operator paid 400 million pounds for the first part of the expropriation and then paid the administration to the administration. But the interest on this amount was not paid. The auditors did not reflect the amount of interest that should be paid since the expropriation process started, and the amount of interest to be paid.

The auditors stated that the operating company did not pay any court costs for the expropriation transactions. In 2015, the General Directorate of Highways stated that they only paid 1 million 40 thousand pounds for the courts. The TCA auditors, who determined that the project has been expropriated for a total of 1 billion 651 million pounds, stated that all the expenses other than expropriation fees should be paid by the operating company and these prices were not taken by the administration.


Haydar Akar, CHP Party Assembly Member, made a statement on the subject. Akar used the following expressions in his statement; “They introduced the build-operate-transfer model as a look-work-wealth model. With this model, they revive all the companies they tendered to. Court of Auditors could only document a portion of 3.3 billion clearly. This figure increases even more with interest payments, which are not made with court costs. Add other giant projects built with this model, such as the 3rd Airport, to this dovetail, which was built only on the Osmangazi Bridge. Almost all of them have irregularities in their contract. Almost all of them work as mint for operating companies. Unfortunately, the build-operate-transfer model, which can develop the country if it is implemented properly, together with the guarantee tolls, the guarantee passenger fees and the agreements made with foreign currency, unfortunately, stands before us as a black hole. It swallows what's in our pocket, what's in our safe, what's in our treasure, the bread of the citizen, the labor of the retired. He steals from the citizen, returns to citizens as a more expensive service than necessary. ”

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