Pay As You Go Application Spreads in Izmir

ode application is growing as you go in izmir
ode application is growing as you go in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate is expanding the scope of the "Pay As You Go" system, which started in Seferihisar and increased the number of boarding by 35 percent. The new system, which was also adopted by passengers as it made short-distance journeys cheaper, is now implemented on the Kemalpaşa-Evka 3 line.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, whose service limits have reached all 6360 districts after Law No. 30, provides public transportation services to the farthest points of the city, and seeks to increase passenger satisfaction with the practices it has implemented. The "Pay As You Go" system, which was developed by the General Directorate of ESHOT within this scope and established upon the payment of the distance traveled by each passenger, was adopted in a short time. In this way, the grievance of those who travel with the same buses for short distances was prevented due to the application of different tariffs for trips from the center to distant towns. In the Peninsula, which was selected as the pilot region in the first stage, the system starting with the Seferihisar-F.Altay Transfer line numbered 985 (42,4 km), then 984 Urla-F. Altay (35,85 km), 983 Bademler-F.Altay ( 32,89 km), 982 İ.YTE - F.Altay (44,43 km) and 981 Balıklıova-F.Altay (59,65 km) lines. With this application, the number of boardings on the lines where the system is valid increased by 35 percent. Passenger satisfaction has also increased thanks to the efficiency of the lines and the fact that short-distance journeys are realized at more affordable prices.

Next Kemalpaşa
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate launched the "Pay As You Go" system in Kemalpaşa, after the Peninsula region. The system was put into practice on the Kemalpaşa-Evka 25 Metro line of approximately 988 kilometers with the number 3. Those who use full tickets on this line will pay 15 TL for the first 2,75 km and 15 TL for each km after 0,11 km. Students will pay 15 TL up to 1,57 km, and 0,06 TL for each next km. Kemalpas residents who travel short distances will have a "more affordable" trip by taking back the price of the distance they have not traveled.

How does the system work?
The transportation fee, which is determined from the bus stop to the last stop, is blocked from the balance in İzmirim Kart. When descending from the bus at the landing gates at the check-in machine is removed by blocking the card. The system calculates the amount to be paid according to the distance between the boarding stall and the landing stall and returns the remaining amount to the card. If the card is not read at the landing, the passenger is considered to have landed at the last stop and in this case no refund can be made. The return machines are only active when the landing doors are open. Passengers are not allowed to block when the bus is in motion.

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