Night Ring Expeditions Begins in Eskişehir

night ring service starts in Eskisehir 1
night ring service starts in Eskisehir 1

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality will be launching ring trips between 01.00 and 05.00 at night.

24 November 2018 Starting from Saturday, ringing starts at night between 01.00 and 05.00. 2 buses will run on an hourly basis so that our citizens will not have any transportation problems at night.

First Line: 01.00 - 02.00 - 03.00 - 04.00 - 05.00 - XNUMX, Odunpazari, Train Station, Yunusemre State Hospital, Medical Faculty, Dental Hospital, City Hospital,

Second Line 01.30 - 02.30 - 03.30 - 04.30 hours in the opposite direction by taking off from the bus station City Hospital, Dental Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Yunusemre State Hospital, Railway Station, will perform ringing in the direction of Odunpazarı.

First Line: Otogar, Muhsin Yazicioglu Caddesi, Sivrihisar 2 Street, A. Hamit Dedelek Street, Ondokuz Mayis Street, Sarper Street, Ziyapasa Street, Yunus Emre Street, Odunpazari, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Street, Railway Station, Istasyon Street, Ismet Inonu 1 Street , Factories Street, Espark Shopping Mall, University Boulevard, Seylap Street, Sıhhıye Junction, Gaffar Okan Street, Gazi Yakup Satar Street, Ring Road, Provincial Security Directorate, Anadolu University Yunusemre Campus, İsmet İnönü 2 Street, Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy, İnönü 2 Street , Salih Bozok Street, Yunusemre State Hospital, Orsan Street, Sultan Street, Ismet Inonu 2 Street, Erzurum Congress Street, Baksan Industrial Site, 3070 Street, Ertugrulgazi Street, 3104 Street, National Sovereignty Boulevard, Birlik Street, Ertugrulgazi Street, Cilem Street, Press Martyrs Street, Governor Ali Fuat Guven Avenue, Ataturk Boulevard, Youth Boulevard, Musataf a Private Boulevard, Cyprus Street, 2. Arabacılar Boulevard, Ertas Boulevard, Candanel Street, Mine Street, Dikmenler Street, Kafkas Street, Dedeoglu Street, City Hospital, Ankara Eskisehir Yolu, Otogar.

Second Line: Otogar, Muhsin Yazicioglu Caddesi, Sivrihisar 2 Street, Kartal Junction, Ankara Eskisehir Ring Road, City Hospital, Dedeoglu Street, Caucasian Street, Ertas Boulevard, 2. Arabacılar Caddesi, Cyprus Street, Mustafa Special Boulevard, Youth Boulevard, Ataturk Boulevard, Governor Ali Fuat Guven Street, Press Martyrs Street, Cilem Street, Birlik Street, National Sovereignty Boulevard, 3104 Street, 3201 Street, 3070 Street, Baksan Industrial Estate, Erzurum Congress Street, İsmet İnönü 2 Street, Salih Bozok Street, Örsan Street, Sultan Street, İsmet İnönü 2 Street, Anadolu University Pharmacy Faculty, Ankara Ring Road, Anadolu University Yunusemre Campus, Provincial Police Department, Gazi Yakup Satar Street, Gaffar Okan Street, Seylap Caddesi, University Boulevard, Factories Street, Ismet Inonu 1 Street, Station Street, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Street, Odunpazari, Yunus Emre Street, Ziyapasa Street, Sarper Street, 19 May Street, A. Hamit Dedelek Street, Sivrihisar 2 Street, Bus Station.


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