New Free Transfers to Private Public Buses

new free transfers to private public buses 2 1
new free transfers to private public buses 2 1

In order to provide faster transportation of our citizens in the city transportation of İzmit, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department adds route changes and new free transfer lines by private public buses. Thanks to route changes and newly added free transfer lines, our citizens will benefit from free transfer service at many points in Izmit city transportation. Free transfer line applications and route arrangements, 12 November 2018 will begin serving citizens on Monday.

Within the scope of the new application, the last stop of the line, which is the West Terminal of 43, will be changed to Sarper Houses and the citizens going from Umuttupe to the bazaar direction will be able to use the line 44 free of charge from the transfer point of Sarper Residences. Citizens going from Sarper Residences to the West Terminal will be able to use the 09.00 line up to 44 in the morning and after the 09.00, the line 44 will go to the South Terminal using the current route.

With the new arrangement, the existing 59 number Sant Hairless Storage Area - Train Station - National Willpower - Central - Republic Park X will work as ring flights. M. Ali Pasha - Three Roads - Yeşilova - Citizens who want to go to Çayırköy direction will be able to take the newly created line vehicles 58 to Izmit Train Station from the central transfer point. Using the newly created line 58, our citizens who want to go to the tusks will be able to take the free transfer from the central transfer point to the 59.

58 - 66 - 76 - 82 NOLU LINES
The last stops of the lines ağı Sepetçi - Cumhuriyet Parkı - Tüysüzler düzen with the number 66 and ”Tüysüzler - Cumhuriyet Parkı - Hacıoğlu” with the number 76 have been revised as ı Tepeköy Mosque Stop X. Citizens using 66 and 76 lines will be able to use 58 and 82 free transfer lines from Tepeköy Mosque Stop transfer point to the bazaar. In turn, 58 and 82 line vehicles from the same transfer point from the same transfer point 66 or 76 no.

With the new arrangement, the last stop of 121 was changed to Mehmet Ali Pasha. Yenikent storage area to the morning hours until 08.00 Yahya Captain and schools will go to the region, the clock will run as the last route from 08.00 M. Ali Pasha - Üçyol will work. Our citizens going to the Yahya Captain and Schools region will be able to use the free transfer line from the point of transfer from M. Ali Pasha. If you want to go to Barışkent by using the line 126, our citizens will use the free transfer line from the Republic Park transfer point.

Within the framework of the new regulations, the route of Harmantarla - Safety - Republic Park Line with the number 111 is taken from Harmantarla; I Harmantarla Storage Area - Derince Passage - Beach Road Highway - D100 - Current Route - Republic Park Depolama. The direction of Cumhuriyet Park is; - Republic Park - Yenituran - Acısu - Central Bank - Current Route - Harmantarla Storage Area itur. Here, the 111 numbered ring line with the 71 number line will continue to operate free of charge.

An alternative route has been created for the public transportation vehicles in the ult Teachers - Derince - Otogar âh line with the help of the citizens. According to this, 118 will be working in the form of ”Democracy Street - Şehit R. Karacan Boulevard - Atatürk Boulevard - L. Atakan Street an in 118.

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