MHP Kayseri Deputy Call for Solution to Level Crossing Accidents

mhp kayseri deputy from level-to-point transit accidents cozum cagrisi
mhp kayseri deputy from level-to-point transit accidents cozum cagrisi

MHP Kayseri deputy Ismail Ozdemir, Xenon died a while ago in Incesu and 2 people killed in the train accident by raising the agenda, the level of the transition to the prevention of accidents in the parliament said they gave a parliamentary research proposal.

MHP Kayseri deputy Ismail Ozdemir, Hareket Determining the Measures to be Taken for the Prevention of Grade Passages m Nationalist Action Party (MHP) in the group with the signature of the deputy 21 Parliamentary proposal to open the opening said. In his statement, Özdemir stated that the fatal or material damage accidents occurred in the level crossings on the State Railways, even though all the measures taken have decreased, and that the accidents, where the loss of life is deeply sad, cause serious injuries to everyone. In the news published in the headline, "Cargo Train Knocked Into The Bus At The Level Crossing"; 6 November 2018 on the level of the crossing near the Örenşehir neighborhood crossing the freight train that runs the Yeşilhisar-Kayseri route, crossed the van at the crossing. The impact of the impact of the minibus was drifted about 700 meters. The driver and his wife lost their lives in the car returned to the scrap.

In the motion of the deputy Özdemir; Stating that uncontrolled level crossings in many regions in the country are increasing the risk of accidents, he said, dikkate Unfortunately, some drivers do not consider this fact even though the priority of the crossing is in trains. The Regulation on the Measures and Implementation Principles to be Taken by the Ministry of Transportation on the Official Railroad Crossings of 03.07.2013 published in the Official Gazette dated 28696 has filled an important legislative gap in this field but could not pass through the accidents unfortunately. It is not a logical solution that the rate of crossings that do not comply with the regulations is around 90 and they want to be closed for justified reasons. Yönetmelik


Kayseri Deputy Ozdemir, in 2008 for the prevention of accidents at level crossings stating done some work, I used the following phrases, "by choosing the train's speed off the barrier at a level crossing rail circuit and relay automatic control system of the location from abroad brought computer-controlled, the receivables and the first trial in Turkey of passage Adana With the computer controlled level crossing application to be launched in, the aim of the approaching train was to be determined precisely and the barrier was closed and the risk of accidents was minimized. However, despite the past 10 years, accidents continue. Within the scope of the project, which was developed and carried out by the Mechatronics Engineering Department of Erciyes University Faculty of Engineering in December 2014, which was affected by the accidents in 2017, the “Intelligent Level Crossing” system, which allows barriers to work synchronously with the train speed, has been designed to reduce the risk of accidents at level crossings. The aim of this system is to detect the train speed of level crossing barriers with sensor technologies and to ensure that the gate barriers are closed according to the train speed. In this way, time losses in the passages will be prevented, especially during the arrival of slow trains. ”

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