Konya Relieves Traffic with Dynamic Intersections, Provides Fuel Savings

konya traffic with dynamic jaws saved fuel savings
konya traffic with dynamic jaws saved fuel savings

📩 06/11/2018 10:46

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, made Turkey's first and only local capabilities to control traffic through the city center software is checking the Traffic Control Center. Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that the average waiting time of the intersections is reduced by 18 on average and 1 million liters of fuel is saved annually.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the city traffic flow in the most comfortable way by following the technology to produce solutions with sample systems.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, ensure the control of the traffic in the city center, to reduce waiting time in traffic, contributes to fuel economy and carbon emissions, which minimizes the purpose of local capabilities uncovered Turkey's first and only one control center software Traffic Control Center (TCC) said that they had served over.

Digital map based, in accordance with international communication standards with the intersection of live connections and 7 / 24 communication in the system, the junction is capable of remote control Altay, according to the current and past traffic data can do statistical analysis, a web-based control center software TKM and Dynamic Intersection Control System, traffic density analysis, incident management, traffic cameras tracking, variable message signs management, average travel time detection, central barrier system monitoring and task management can be done said.


President Altay, the Central Control Center in Konya, which is currently involved in the 77 intersection of the Traffic Control Center (Smart Junction) green light time of the intersection of the vehicle passing through the intersection of the average waiting time was reduced by specifying. Altay, “The system analyzes all possible scenarios of the next cycle using the instant and historical data from the cameras placed at the intersection. The scenario that gives the lowest average waiting time is processed and the green light duration to be added / removed and the next active phase are determined. Thanks to Dynamic Intersection Control Management, average daily waiting times at intersections are reduced by 18 on average. By reducing the waiting times, the amount of fuel saved has been about 2 a thousand 895 liters per day, with the fuel savings being about 4,82 tons less carbon dioxide emissions per day. Bekleme


Altay emphasized that the Traffic Control Center is a source for many studies while providing data for the traffic studies to be carried out. For example; With the Smart Intersections in October last 1 thousand 700 liters fuel saving. Reduction in carbon emissions amounted to 86 tons, while red light waiting time improvement rate was 849 UM.


Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that, while applying this management system to intersections, it was emphasized that the distribution of the times was fair and that user comfort was kept at the highest level in all directions. . . It is a fact that the system does not only contribute positively to the efficient use of time, but also has a positive effect on ensuring traffic safety,. Said President Altay.

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