Book Scented Trams

book scented trams
book scented trams

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. organized a book-reading event in collaboration with Düşbahçesi Kindergarten and Primary School. Da World Children's Books Week Otobüs organized by the 34 student participated in the event, some of the children Akçaray'da part of the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Station colored images created. Children read a book in the tram and gave a book to the elders in the Bus Terminal.

In order to give citizens the awareness of reading books and to develop their point of view towards the books, children living in the specific seats of the tram started their travels by taking the tram, which departs from the General Directorate of Ulaşımpark. With the increase in intensity, the students, who managed to attract the attention of the traveling passengers, received separate greetings by offering bookmarks to the people sitting next to them. In total, Akçaray and 1 gave the students the opportunity to chat with different people during their travels and talk to them about the books.

Kocaeli City Bus Terminal was the 2 stops of the students. ”We want to give you a book, iler said the students, who went to the passengers and the passengers who were going to come to the bus station. The children congratulated the students for the meaningful movement they made, expressing their satisfaction in the sight of the citizens. After giving the books as a gift, the students didn't neglect to ask the books they read recently and what kind of books they like.

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