30 Million New Traffic System to Kırşehir

30 million new traffic system to the city
30 million new traffic system to the city

Protecting the title of the shining star of Anatolia, Kırşehir is advancing rapidly on its way to becoming a smart city and Kırşehir Municipality continues to work continuously in order to provide the best service to the public.

Kırşehir Municipality, which is rapidly advancing towards becoming a Smart City, continues its efforts uninterruptedly in order to provide the best service to the public. With the implementation of the transportation master plan and the introduction of buses, a vision was given to the city. kazanKırşehir Mayor Yaşar Bahçeci, who has been living in Istanbul, will be a smart city until May, our work has started and continues rapidly.

He started laying the fiber optic network cables, which are the basis of these projects and the infrastructure of Smart Cities, on Ankara and Terme streets. Thanks to the smart city applications carried out by Kırşehir Municipality, everything will be faster and will serve our people more safely.

President Bahçeci said, “We have worked on the project for a year and a half and we are doing it step by step. Our buses have been activated, the system will be installed in a healthy way and will provide a very nice and very serious service to Kırşehir for many years. Our last job remained, and we made the tender for the smart city application. Türk Telekom won the tender. It has now started to work on signalization, smart intersection, smart stop application and parking systems in Ankara and Terme streets. We are investing 30 million dollars. We will put it into practice by May. To provide reliable, economical, fast and comfortable transportation to Kırşehir residents. This is our main goal of this business. In two to three months, the system will be settled. A name and vision for Kırşehir for ten years kazanwe are trying to climb. We don't have any accounts doing this. We never had a problem with the location.

Mayor Bahçeci, we are trying to offer the best of our service to our citizens and Kırşehir is on the way to becoming a smart city. Başkan

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