Kirikkale-Corum-Merzifon-Samsun Railway to be cleared the route

Kirikkale Corum Merzifon samsun railway at night
Kirikkale Corum Merzifon samsun railway at night

A public information meeting was held by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways on the Kırıkkale-Çorum-Merzifon-Samsun Railway Project.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly Hall, the meeting of the village headmen and citizens, as well as officials of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism and the project prepared by MGS Project Consulting Engineering Engineering Co. Ltd. Environmental Engineers Ilkay Ibrahim Akdogan and Cetin Cakir attended.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) The General Directorate of Kırıkkale, Çorum, Amasya and Samsun province which borders on "Kırıkkale-Çorum-Merzifon-Samsun Railway Project" in explaining been scheduled for Environmental Engineer Ilkay Ibrahim Akdogan, said planned by TCDD Directorate General In the previous years, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments) prepared the alın Kırıkkale-Samsun Project Samsun and stated that it received the EIA Positive Certificate and transferred it to the General Directorate of TCDD during the process.

Indicating that the project route was re-evaluated by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, Akdoğan said that some revisions were needed and a new route was created.

Turkey's most important routes of the North-South axis, the Samsun-Corum-crazy-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla-Yenice Stating that create the between the railway line projects in Akdogan, bidding for TCDD by project work in all of these routes and consultancy voiced jobs done. Kırıkkale-Çorum-Merzifon-Samsun Railway Project, which consists of the 3 segment Akdogan first part of the first section between the Cice-Corum 100 km. According to the project, there will be an 91 km line in Çorum.

The width of the platform to pass the line will be 14.50 meters indicating Akdoğan, in some regions in terms of use can be made wider expropriation, he said. 1 station 3 Siding, 7 tunnels, 1 flood tunnel, 18 overpass, 4 underpass, 10 overpass, 65 underpass and 153 vent, 3 subframe and 1 station 15 bridge, 4 viaduct, 5 overpass, 6 underpass and 14 vent, 36 station between Merzifon-Samsun, 82 tunnel, 3 open closure tunnel, 20 bridge, 1 viaduct, 28 overpass, 2 underpass and 9 vent İlkay İbrahim Akdoğan stated that there will be 23 station and 34 pieces siding planned in Çorum. Sungurluda a siding and station, a siding at Alacahöyük, a load station in Çorum OSB, a passenger station near Çorum headquarters Akkent and a siding in Mecitözunda Akdoğan stressed that the railway route is planned to be a total number of 3 tunnels within the Çorum borders.

Akdoğan stated that a total of 6 construction sites were planned on the project route and that 75 personnel will be working on each construction site.

SUNGURLU: Bahşılı Village, Akpınar Village, Sungurlu District, Kırankışla Village, Arifegazili Köylü, Gafurlu Village, Beşdam Village, Karakaya Village

CENTRAL: Village of Karadona, Koparan Village, Deniz Village, Kiranlık Village, Büyükgülecekirm Village, Tarhan Village, Çayhatap Village, Sarimbey Village, Bozbuğa Village, Yenice Village, Kadıkırı Village, Karaca Village, Yaydiğin Village, Akkent, Celilkırı Village, Çorum, Ömerbey Village, Deliler Village, Bayat Village, Pasha Village, Pınarcık Village, Kurucay Village, Büğet Village, Çomarbaşı Village, Ahmediye Village, South Village, Kuşsaray Village, Eskice Village, Konaklı Village,

MECİTÖZÜ: Village of Goddess, Çitli Village, Gökçebel Village, Pınarbaşı Village İT

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