Highway 4. National Congress Begins

4 national congress of highway started
4 national congress of highway started

28, the fourth of the National Road Congress, began in Ankara on Wednesday, November at the General Directorate of Highways, Halil Rifat Pasha Hall. The General Directorate of Highways and Roads organized by the Turkish National Committee, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İSKURT, General Director of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞLU, Deputy General Managers of Highways, Heads of Departments, Regional Managers, Ministry officials, Specialists who have served for many years in the Highways sector representatives, academicians and carriages.

Deputy Speaker Enver İSKURT, the opening speech, integration of the road network with other modes of transport, mega projects, the future vision of the transport sector, which will determine the environmental sensitivity, sustainable engineering practices, techniques used in infrastructure and traffic safety, such as many issues will be discussed.

İSKURT said that one of the most effective elements in the development and improvement of community welfare is the transportation that is taking place at a dizzying speed in today's transition period.

İSKURT, Europe, Asia, the three major continents, the heart of Turkey's land in locations such as Africa, air, trade with sea and rail transportation that case the key point of the east of the country with breakthroughs in recent years, west, north, of becoming accessible to the south, strategic anlakm and increases the importance that voiced

Studies carried out by the country's road traffic on the 80'ın 26'in today is striking path forward divided by the road, reaching the 400 38,5 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX kilometers, the total road network, the XNUMX'ı said that the percentage.

Director General of Highways said Abdulkadir URALOĞL due to the flexible structure as well as all over the world is also the most preferred road transport in Turkey. URALOGLU stated that their biggest goal is to continue the services that started at 2003 and change the face of the country's transportation network with the revolutionary innovations. URALOGLU stated that they aimed to meet the demands of the road network and to reach the capacity and standards that can fulfill its function properly.

URALOĞLU, 2.753 km highway, 31.033 km state road and 34.146 km road network under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways, 67.932 km road network, including the road, 39.274 km of the surface coating, 25.230 km is a bituminous hot mix coating was passed.

URALOĞLU stated that they aim to reach the divided road length 27 to 870 km next year and 2023 to 31.864 km in the next year.

Indicating that the Directorate of Highways has been continuously updating itself by following the guiding light of science and technology in all studies, URALOGLU stated that the attention of the Highway National Congress is a manifestation of this understanding by emphasizing that it is also taken care to create scientific platforms in which the subjects related to the highway sector can be discussed in full detail. In the last four years at the congress, URALOGLU stated that the world's researches, developments and new application techniques will be discussed. Indaki We will focus on providing a unified approach to the systems by taking a holistic approach to other infrastructure systems in our country.

Within the scope of the congress, URALOĞLU also reminded that an exhibition in which local and foreign machinery, equipment, equipment, materials manufacturers and suppliers participate in the construction and implementation of special structural elements that have an important place in highway construction in our country.

After the speeches, Enver İSKURT, Abdulkadir URALOĞLU and his entourage opened the exhibition. The two-day Congress, 29, will end in November.

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