Transportation Discussed in Karamürsel

Karamursel reached transportation
Karamursel reached transportation

📩 08/11/2018 11:22

Karamürsel Mayor İsmail Yıldırım and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Alaeddin Alkaç met with the citizens to talk about the transportation, infrastructure and superstructure projects of the district, especially the Kent Square Bridge Interchange Project. Karamürsel Mayor Ismail Yildirim, accompanied by heads of officials and officials in the "Talk to Talk" program Deputy Secretary General Alkaç, Karamürselli citizens and responded to the demands and demands.

Speaking at a meeting with the citizens of Karamürsel Mayor İsmail Yıldırım said, beri Since the day we became a metropolitan city, we have been receiving great services from our Metropolitan Municipality. Our project, which sank at the City Square, was one of the projects we promised together with Ibrahim President in our 2004 election declaration. We are waiting for a little patience in this project, which has been spoken for years and seems to be imagined. All of these projects are done for our convenience in the future. There is a determination to finish as soon as possible. This way will end as soon as the progress.

We will find a solution
Deputy Secretary General Alkaç said in his speech: üst Today, we talk and talk with our citizens about transportation, infrastructure and superstructure projects. The purpose of this meeting is to inform you about the works we have done in our district, to listen to your problems and problems, to find solutions to your problems and questions together. The most important thing for us is acting jointly with our people ulaşım and made a presentation with projects related to transportation.

Deputy Secretary General Alaeddin Alkaç in his meeting with citizens, after the presentation met with the metropolitan authorities answered questions about transportation in particular. After the meeting, metropolitan authorities received a separate note, and all the questions were reviewed.

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